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Thread: Task Force 86 - Dynamic SF Co-Op

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    Task Force 86 - Dynamic SF Co-Op

    Task Force 86 has opened its doors to the public and is looking at you!

    Task Force 86 is a squad for Armed Assault 2 that bases itself on an international task force of Special Forces with support elements that adopts a variety of real world tactics across British, American and international forces. We are a unit that prefers quality over quantity and this is reflected in game and ultimately benefits the game play experience hugely.

    Our main focus is to bring a new element of gaming experience to Armed Assault 2, and this revolves around an ever changing storyline based campaign that we play over time. The beauty of this system is that each outcome has an effect on the next operation, so the game really does depend on your actions and how you play. Its highly rewarding and we believe is much better than playing generic random missions as our main gaming time.

    The storyline, provided by the WNN updates and intelligence documents seen on the front page, can be transformed by the performances of the members of the squad in game, eventually changing the fate of the task force on their operations around the world.

    The squad itself is split into three main fighting units based on nationality and time zones, with support and reserve groups, including an aviation wing.

    As any international force we have the tools and training to get the job done using some of the best made community addons to date. We use addons that strive for realism and quality and that fit in with the organisation of the squad. Some examples are the SJB UKSF Pack and ACE 2.

    During downtime from our campaign mode, we have regular training exercises and missions that are deeply engaging and beneficial and most importantly, fun.

    The squad originally formed in 2002 as the USMC so most of the current members have known each other since the days of Operation Flashpoint creating a very friendly atmosphere.

    We aim for at least one organised event per week, either in the form of a training exercise or operation. We are currently looking for new members before we begin our new campaign.

    - Over 16
    - Between -6 GMT and +2 GMT
    - Decent level of spoken and written English
    - Able to attend events on a week to week basis
    - Willingness to learn and have a good laugh
    - Own a microphone and Team Speak 3

    If you think that cloak and dagger and getting stuck in is your cup of tea, why not check out our site and forums and put in an application.
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    Task Force 86 will be starting its new campaign in the coming weeks, so we thought an update would be welcome to let everyone know how the squad is growing.

    Task Force Black (UK) and Task Force Green (US) now both have very limited places. We have had a multitude of applicants in last month and now the two main fighting units are being filled very quickly.

    We are now looking for applicants for Task Force Red, our dedicated SFSG unit. Task Force Red will be taking the role of fire support for the most part, utilising the CSWs built into ACE2 and numerous vehicles, but will also be directly assisting Task Force Black and Green.

    Task Force Red will be taking part in large scale offensive operations alongside the SF units, carrying out secondary assaults and diversionary raids including acting as a blocking force against counter attacks. We are looking for dedicated gunners, marksmen and indeed leaders for Task Force Red.

    After months of planning the campaign is nearly ready. Task Force 86 has begun live fire training operations on the Japahto islands preparing themselves for the campaign. Training is also run two nights a week to focus on specific skill sets and drills. The selection phase has also proven itself time and time again. Applicants attempting the escape and evasion exercise have noted the unique experience it offers as part of the initiation process for the squad.

    If you are interested in joining Task Force 86 please have a look at our site and forums, or feel free to drop any member you see on here a PM and they will answer any questions you may have.

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    On Sunday 7 March, Task Force 86 began its campaign, which is to be a series of black ops against the ChDKZ on Utes and in the South Zagoria region of Chernarus, codenamed Operation NOMAD. What follows is the after action report for Operation TEMPEST, the first in the campaign.

    Operation TEMPEST
    7 March 2010. 05h00-09h00 Black Mountain Standard Time.
    Green Sea. Utes.

    Elements of TF Black, Green and Red.

    TF86 elements assigned to TEMPEST were Taskforces Black (Bravo 1), Green (Golf 2), Red (Romeo 3), and elements of Sierra Wing (Sierra 4) deploying from the USS Khe Sanh, part of Amphibious Task Force 33 (ATF33), drawn from the Mediterranean Amphibious Ready Group (MARG). Primary objectives of TEMPEST were to destroy Su-25 ground attack aircraft, kill their aircrews and maintenance personnel, disrupt ChDKZ operations on Utes, and if possible secure the surfaced runway and support structures of (CDF AFB) Utes. Enemy dispositions and numbers were known thanks to reconnaissance efforts conducted by both TF86 elements. Prior to TEMPEST, USN and RN assets assigned to JTFGREENSEA had established a blockade between Utes and mainland Chernarus.

    At approximately 06h15 Taskforce Green departed the USS Khe Sanh via CRRC. At 06h25 TF Green made landfall on Utes's south-eastern coast and began patrolling inland to destroy the air defence post, detected during the preparations for TEMPEST, that had been established by the ChDKZ north of the village of Strelka. Taskforce Green located and destroyed this position, sustaining heavy losses in this effort. The ChDKZ were able to re-man the ZU-23-2 AAG, which as the operation continued and false dawn passed, enabled them to engage a number of aircraft supporting TF86.

    TF Black and Red insert via Sierra Wing.

    Taskforces Black and Red were inserted via Sierra 4-1 on Utes's west coast, screened from the objective area by a series of low hills. TF Black moved to the north-west to engage the sentries at the ChDKZ vehicle depot and TF Red established an observation post overlooking CDF AFB Utes. When the vehicle depot was secured, TF Black also established an observation post overlooking Utes.

    In the course of this the ChDKZ garrison at CDF AFB Utes was alerted and subsequently engaged by both TF Black and Red. Aircraft were disabled and exposed personnel killed with small arms fire. TF Black then moved to an assault-by-fire position on the western edge of the runway.

    TF Black stack up on the ATCT.

    Taskforces Black and Red then secured the remaining airfield structures. TF Black, closely supported by TF Red, assaulted the Air Traffic Control Tower and secured intelligence in the form of operational schedules, communications transcripts, personal diaries, training films, propaganda films, and personal identification. As a result of these document captures, significant intelligence on enemy intentions with regards to Utes and the coastal regions of South Zagoria was gathered.

    Sierra 4 provides CAS.

    Numerous aircraft were damaged by the ZU-23-2 at the air defence post until elements of TF Black were able to knock the weapon out of action by killing its crew. Firing died down across Utes at approximately 07h15 save for controlled detonations and the use of captured materiel to ensure the disabling of all formerly CDF aviation on Utes.

    TF86 locks down the runway until reinforcements arrive.

    Remaining Taskforce 86 elements secured the airfield and established hasty defensive positions until the arrival of reinforcements from ATF33. Taskforce 86 elements were extracted via CH-46E with captured materiel.

    If you are interested in joining Task Force 86, and doing a tour of duty on Operation NOMAD please have a look through our site and forums and drop in an application.
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    To allow people to understand a bit more about what we do and who we are, here’s a bit about each Task Force within TF86.

    Task Force 86...

    - Is not your stereotypical SF squad
    - Is a unit that prides itself on using real world SF tactics, drills and most importantly the mindset

    - Is not a oversized unit that focuses on hold the line type missions
    - Is a high quality well trained unit that focuses on realistic story driven operations

    - Is not a squad with over the top ranks and constant order bashing
    - Is a close knit team that offers character individualism with friendly group of guys who take things seriously when needs be

    Task Force Black
    Comprised of SAS and SBS troopers that use the SJB UKSF Pack. Some of TFBs roles include close target reconnaissance, observations, counter insurgency, hostage rescues and demolitions. Currently all members of TF Black are from the UK but other nationalities are welcome.

    Task Force Green
    Comprised of SEALs from SEAL Team 6, as well as Delta operators, TF Green use Ardvarkdb’s SEAL Pack. Some of TFGs roles include long range recon patrols, demolitions and acquisition of high value targets. TFG share roles and responsibilities with TFB and vice versa making the two task forces extremely versatile when working together. This taskforce is mostly aimed at the American audience

    Task Force Red
    TF Red is the dedicated international SFSG for TF86. Task Force Red have a variety of important roles ranging from fire support, sniper/scout roles, cordon and search duties, taking part in large scale offensives alongside the other SF units, carrying out secondary assaults or acting as an assaulting QRF. TF Red are usually better equipped than the other two smaller SF units, as they can bring more kit with them dependant on their wide variety of tasks.

    Sierra Wing
    Sierra is TF86s aviation wing and operates a very high calibre piloting crew specialising in special operations working alongside the other TF86 units. A very high degree of situational awareness and piloting skills is a must. Operational duties include CAS, transportation, relief work and more challenging piloting such as zodiac insertions, pinnacle landings, fast roping and low level flying.


    We’ve had quite a few operations over the last month, all as part of Operation NOMAD which continues to go ahead with great success. Here are some snippets from a couple of AARs posted up on our forums to give you an idea of the type of immersive operations we run.

    Operation BLACK ICE is the first operation conducted on the Chernarussian mainland. BLACK ICE was a response to actionable intelligence developed from HUMINT and SIGINT sources between 12 and 14 March. Taskforce Red (Romeo 3), reinforced with elements of Taskforce Black (Bravo 1), was assigned to conduct an ambush of a high value target and associated escort, then sweep the village of Olsha. Otto Kuznetsov, one of the ChDKZ's very few indigenous explosives experts, was assigned to attend preliminary meetings and a leader's reconnaissance of the Green Zone with particular attention paid to disrupting joint CDF-NATO operations from the Krasnostav Airstrip.

    Operation SAFE HAVEN was the result of actionable intelligence generated by a reconnaissance patrol from 1.ChSpNBr (First Chernarussian Special Operations Brigade "Mountain Wolves") operating in the vicinity of Gvozdno. This patrol was able to confirm the presence of a ChDKZ regional commander believed to be FANATIC INFANT/Jaroslav Brazda. Joint Operations Headquarters Chernarus (JOHQCh) ordered TF86 to eliminate this high value target and confirm reports from 1.ChSpNBr headquarters suggesting mass killings in the vicinity of Gvozdno. 1.ChSpNBr failed to report that contact had been lost with their reconnaissance team prior to pre-mission reconnaissance conducted by Sierra Wing. Thermal imaging confirmed 1.ChSpNBr reports of a twelve-strong ChDKZ "Death Squad" operating in and around Gvozdno.

    If you are interested in joining Task Force 86, and doing a tour of duty on Operation NOMAD with either Task Force Black, Green, Red or Sierra Wing please have a look through our site and forums and drop in an application.
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    One month on and an update is long overdue.

    Task Force 86 continues its campaign against the ChDKZ insurgency, Operation NOMAD, in the South Zagoria region of Chernarus. We currently host the campaign operations every two weeks, with smaller scale, laid back operations in between.

    We also have weekly training sessions for each unit within the Task Force focusing on realistic and functional drills. With growing success during these sessions we are starting to look towards more advanced skill sets such as HALO jumps, hostage rescues and pinnacle landings. These will then of course be put into practice during the main operations.

    With our team of excellent in-house addon makers we have begun work on a custom head pack for the squad. This addon uses proxies instead of the headgear attachments using the glasses proxy as seen on the TF86 SEALs and SJB UKSF units currently. What this means is that each member of the squad will have up to 4 custom head models of their very own! We feel this brings a level of personalisation and great enjoyment to the individual members and is considered to be a fantastic initiation gift to our newer members.

    Below is another indepth AAR of our most recent operation:

    Operation SLEDGE
    2 May 2010. 04h00-05h30 Black Mountain Standard Time.
    Chernarus. South Zagoria.

    In order to hasten the ChDKZ's withdrawal from north-eastern South Zagoria the CDF initiated Operation KLADIVKO on 00h01BMST 1 May 2010. Interestingly, advisors seconded to the CDF from the USMC complement of ATF-33 chose not to inform TF86 of KLADIVKO nor did the CDF headquarters in Krasnostav see fit to inform the Taskforce's command elements. As a result of this Operation SLEDGE took place immediately prior to a CDF combined arms assault on Berezino which was tied into SLEDGE through the timely efforts of TF86's command staff.

    Taskforces Black, Green, and Red participated in SLEDGE. Sierra 4-2, the only available aviation asset organic to TF86, rendered admirable service throughout SLEDGE. There were three key objectives to SLEDGE; firstly to eliminate a ChDKZ artillery position consisting of entrenched D-30 gun-howitzers covering the northern approaches to Berezino with direct fire [124-055], secondly to eliminate a communications station located inside Berezino [127-057], and thirdly to capture a ChDKZ communications officer colocated with the communications station, designated as SOMBRE.

    CDF assets assigned to this phase of KLADIVKO were A/1/31 Tank Battalion and both 1/3 and 2/3 of 8 Motor Rifle Battalion. No communications were possible with CDF assets during SLEDGE; prearranged plans were for TF86 to eliminate the artillery position whereupon A/1/31 and 1/3-2/3 8.MRB would advance to support by fire positions oriented on southern Berezino. Upon withdrawal of TF86 elements the CDF battlegroup would sweep Berezino and prepare to occupy Nizhnoye.

    Callsign Romeo was inserted via helicopter on the reverse slope of Klen hill [114-040] while Bravo and Golf callsigns trucked north with CRRCs to approach Berezino from offshore. All units reported ready at 04h50 and by 05h00 the ChDKZ D-30 platoon and communications station had been destroyed. SOMBRE was captured and left bound and gagged on the remains of the communication station for later retrieval by 2/3 8.MRB.

    A brief reconnaissance of Berezino revealed that the ChDKZ headquarters was largely still in place, with a small perimeter security force operating behind ChDKZ units screening its withdrawal to the south. At the time it was believed that the commander of the Berezino garrison may still be in place. A hasty attack was prepared prior to the CDF pushing into Berezino and, while the Berezino garrison commander was absent considerable intelligence documentation on communications protocols, local enemy strengths, and current ChDKZ plans was collected along with considerable quantities of personnel records. At approximately 05h25 Sierra 4-2 was placed on alert to provide extraction to all TF86 callsigns operating within Berezino, lifting from LZ Bravo [125-055]. SLEDGE was formally concluded at 05h30BMST with no friendly casualties.

    If you want to find out more about Task Force 86, or are interested in signing up for Operation NOMAD please have a look through our site and forums.
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    This month Task Force 86 has really got into the storyline of Operation NOMAD. The immersion created by having a running storyline to the campaigns adds a lot of enjoyment for our members.

    To give you more information about how the story progresses here are some examples of the WNN updates and intelligence documentation that are constantly updated on our website and build a bigger picture of the background to the operations.

    World News Network is the premier source of information for political and military headlines from around the world. Follow the progress of international disputes, conflicts and events that shape the developing background story for our operations.

    Click here for full size.

    Interpret intelligence material for upcoming operations. These documents contain vital information relative to key individuals, locations and events that can be used to piece together situational briefings for operations.

    Click here for full size.

    If you are interested in joining Task Force 86 or have any questions about our developing storyline please have a look at our site and forums, or feel free to drop any member you see on here a PM and they will answer any questions you may have.
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    Task Force 86 Selection

    This update explains a little more about our selection process to provide you with a better understanding of what we’re about. The post includes some testimonials from existing members who experienced selection first hand.

    “A truly unique experience…” – Mac (Task Force Red)

    Task Force 86 runs a selection process based on a scaled-down version of the infamous SAS selection course.

    Applicants will be required to face the challenges of survival exercises, rifle ranges, a point-to-point navigation exercise and finally a real-time tactical exercise whilst under the constant threat of enemy capture.

    “I remember the satisfaction of making it through to the end, even when a motorized patrol passed 10 meters away from me. The whole selection process was very unique and really lets the current members evaluate the applicants that fit in the best within the unit. Selection hits on the game style we enjoy and then your training starts as soon as you’re assigned to a Task Force. The whole selection process was really enjoyable and after some time in other units that’s pretty damn cool.” – TheDudeAbides (Task Force Green)

    Phase 1 – Survival and Ranges

    Phase 1 tests applicants on their basic navigation abilities and weapons skills. While covertly moving to an agent contact, applicants must balance speed and time with their endurance and stamina. On successfully reaching the RV with the agent the applicant will move directly to a rifle range and begin engaging targets. Controlling stamina and speed are both essential to control your aim to achieve precision accuracy.

    Phase 2 – Navigation and Observation

    Phase 2 is a true test of an applicant’s navigation skills. The applicant must move covertly in and out of OPs manned by staff while gathering intelligence on an enemy position. Again the applicant must balance their speed with their stamina to succeed.

    Phase 3 – SERE Exercise

    “With only the moon's light to guide you, watching the helicopter’s searchlight sweeping across the land and then you hear a twig snap behind you. Exhilarated? Hell no, I was cacking myself!” – Q (Aviation Wing)

    During the final phase the applicant will be tested on their survival, navigation and escape and evasion skills during a real-time tactical exercise. The applicants must work together as a team to complete an objective while under constant threat of being captured by a hunter force made up of existing TF86 members.

    Applicants will also be tested on their resistance to interrogation by staff using questioning and interrogation techniques.
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    Just a quick update to let everyone know what’s going on in Task Force 86.

    We have recently finished Operation NOMAD, that accumulated with the withdrawal of TF86 from South Zagoria who are now on standby for high priority counter insurgency operations in Central Asia. We will soon be starting our second campaign that will take us from the border regions of Takistan into a full scale invasion assisting NATO forces. The WNN articles and intel reports have created an exciting back story that many members now contribute to.

    With new members coming in weekly, Task Force 86 will be expanding to a new task force. Bravo, Golf, Romeo and Sierra callsigns will remain, with the addition of Task Force White (Whiskey). This new TF will be based on the 75th Rangers who will be in direct support of Task Force Green. This will allow Task Force Red to directly support Task Force Black. This change will allow the SFSGs to train with their assigned SF units more often, especially as time zones will now affect candidacy for TFW and TFR.

    With this change in the ORBAT, we will be updating the squad addons, primarily the main SF unit packs, giving each TF a designated unit in game. We are also continuing work on our face pack giving each member of the squad up to 4 custom head models of their very own! A lot is going on behind the scenes that will make the squad much more enjoyable for everyone.

    If you are interested in joining Task Force 86, and joining our next campaign please have a look through our site and forums and drop in an application.
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    Operation Wolfhound

    Hi everyone, here is this month's Task Force 86 update.

    Task Force 86 has recently started up the second chapter of our unique dynamic campaign. Personnel have been deployed to the Aiaktalik Mountains region of Eastern Takistan in an effort to locate and capture the elusive HVT codenamed BOMBAY. Operation WOLFHOUND began on August 1st, 2010 with TF86 personnel inserting via HALO drop to secure and later establish a base of operations on an abandoned Russian airfield in northern Aiaktalik region. With MSS Atlas established, TF86 operators have been able to launch several successful operations into the territorial Wahhabi tribesmen regions. Operations have uncovered that many individuals with links to the Takistani branch of Al Qaeda (AQT) appear to be operating in the Aiaktalik Mountain region and appear to be helping TOMCAT elude capture. Several AQT training camps have been identified and neutralized, providing vital intelligence to enemy tactics and strength. Currently several more operations are planned in the Aiaktalik region, although intelligence points to a growing AQT threat in the Takistan region with possible links to the Takistani Army leadership. As more intelligence is gathered over the coming weeks, TF86 personnel are preparing for OBUA centric operations in the near future.

    Task Force 86 has recently switched over to using the excellent ACRE radio system with our TeamSpeak 3 server. This adds a new dimension of immersion and realism to our operations, and allows for a much more dynamic and exciting gaming environment. Along with ACRE, TF86 has moved on to Operation Arrowhead and continues to develop custom addons for use within the squad, including weapons, vehicles, units and custom head proxies for our dedicated members.

    Our goal at Task Force 86 continues to be a professional, fun and exciting gaming environment. In order to ensure that everyone is at their best and can function as a group, regular (but not required) training and live fire exercises are held each week for practice before our operations every other Sunday. These training and live fire exercises cover everything from basic to advance military tactics and procedures, and help those unfamiliar with proper military tactics build a solid foundation to function as a true soldier. If you are interested in learning proper military tactics, working with a group of professionally trained soldiers and dedicated gamers in a realistic but laid back and positive environment check us out.

    If you are interested in joining Task Force 86, and joining our next campaign please have a look through our site and forums and drop in an application.
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    Operation Wolfhound Complete

    TF86 recently wrapped up our campaign on Aiaktalik. We continue to offer a rich, dynamic co-op environment that focuses on teamwork and real-world military tactics. Each missions outcome impacts the next mission, so everything that happens matters. This adds much more tension and investment in the outcome of our operations, which really takes things up a notch. If you are wounded and cannot be rescued you may start the next mission as a POW. If a helicopter from our air wing gets shot down the next mission will include the recovery or destruction of the downed vehicle.

    Continuation Training

    As TF86 continues to grow we have put a lot of effort into our training programs. These programs ensure that anyone, from a military veteran to a mere enthusiast, is able to fight and hold their own as part of a cohesive team.

    As new recruits pass selection they are taken through a basic training course that covers essential military concepts such as field craft, fire control orders, formations and battle drills. These serve as a great foundation for those unfamiliar with the concepts and a fun refresher for those with experience under their belt. Once these skills have been acquired more advanced training is held on a weekly basis to give individuals the skills needed to operate in one of the four Task Forces. These patrol skill training sessions include specializations such as Demolitions, Forward Air Controlling, Leadership, Medic and Pilot.

    In conjunction with Basic and Patrol Skill training we also offer Continuation Training. These training sessions focus on live fire group operations where specific skill sets are trained and tested in the field. These include Close Quarters Battle, Hostage Rescue, HALO and Sniper training to name a few.

    If you are interested in joining Task Force 86, and joining our next campaign please have a look through our site and forums and drop in an application.

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