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Thread: JTD ClearHorizons

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    JTD ClearHorizons

    OK several people have asked for this WIP to be released, so here it is. It basically removes the painted-on fake mountains and gives you a clear horizon, so the only hills & mountains you'll see now in Utes & Chernarus are "real" ones

    I had a bug before where I wasn't getting any ingame sky, only white. Now that I have a nice new graphic card fitted, I'm seeing skies again, hence I can finish this off

    Version 2 is now released, and I recommend people who got the first one to update with this second one. As well as removing the fake mountains, it now fixes the odd horizon that many people have mentioned.

    ArmAHolic link to V2:

    From this:

    To this:

    Thanks to Foxhound and ArmAholic for hosting.

    *edit 2*
    And more thanks to Foxhound for updating.

    And a special thinks to [APS]Gnat for providing and pointing the way to make this addon more effective and efficient.
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    Haha so you decided to release it. Good stuff for those who can play with sick VD! Aaaand for those who dont like the artificials.

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    I've always been curious what happened to this. Thanks for putting it out.
    (God damn bananas..... again)

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    At long last!!! Hallelujah!!!! Downloading!!!!
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    Excellent. Be sure to vote for this in the 2011 community awards.
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    Release frontpaged at the Armaholic homepage.

    Visit | Visit

    Public FTP available, just check the FAQ.

    HMM........wonder what it is huh?

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    Cant wait to test, but Great news , thanks alot!

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    Well this is another small but well worth little mod.

    To be honest I was pondering over those hills, and all this time thought they were a bit shoddy to look at.

    Thanks a bunch.


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    Can anybody confirm that with this addon the frame rates are lower?

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