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Thread: WARMOD release

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    but this is what ARMA should have been out of the box.
    thats exactly what i was thinking when i got close to finishing it, i ben saying all along why wasn't this stuff in arma already.

    Congrats to your release
    thanks raedor,
    was actually going to release a few weeks ago but then something told me to ask, wasn't sure really what to do, but i asked Wolle what i should do and he said best get permission first, so that took me couple weeks at most.

    but i think the makers of the mods i used really seriously did a fantastic job on what they put together, I mean i did what i did here for myself out of frustration, and then discovery, as soon as i got to the point, like 2 weeks into downloading and seeing the effects that the mod was having i had thought to include more mods to cover a whole spectrum of areas, seeig the results made me want to put it out to the Arma community and see the difference in their game.

    The difference between a page that has a list of mods and addons that you can compile together or add to your game which ever one you want, is that i did that already, i basically did all the work for you, i did the research, the downloading, the testing, the troubleshooting in terms of compatability ect, but my mod isn't units, or vehicles, its effects, fixes and gameplay, and well a good portion of AI fix/change which Arma definately needed!

    I would have to say that i covered a huge area of addons and mods that are out for arma and too the most relevent that felt most realistic, but still maintained a game, fun feeling.
    as there were mods that changed the fatigue and made it more realistic, but then i thought that control and gameplay, and great effects and ausome AI should take first over realism, dont get me wrong the mod made it much more realistic and immersive because of a great few mods.

    having control in the game was an very important aspect to me,
    if i shot at a guy i wanted to hit him not spend a half a clip in frustration cuz the dispersion was to wild, andmy gun would jump all over the place because of wack recoil, and the gun swayed to much, and the ballistics weren't real, i was like cmon!, why the F*ck play this if i can control the dam gun and hit what im aiming at!
    that was a major reason, if i dont move then the gun shouldn't be moving!
    Thats what WARMOD is about designed for the player in mind, remove the frustration, add scary AI and great effects and it becomes like a drug, i cant stop playing the dam thing.
    I had an idea as well to have another pack like a pack 3 which would be all the replacement models for the tanks and soldiers, and add weapon packs like wipmans pack and RH, i did this already for myself into file called @WARUnits.
    I could still do soemthing like that if you guys wish it would be another pack liek pack3, amybe even a 4rth as i would try to keep the download down to no more then 500mbs if possible.

    Nice video mate, really enjoyed watching the carnage
    thanks mark, wasn't nothing special, i actually had better footage than those, except the helicopter one that was pretty decent, im going to make another vid of a few clips to show some more stuff not really seen in the vid.

    i spent alot of time fiddling around with converting and stuff, alot of stuff i have never really done before so it took me a bit, otherwise i would have had a vid right from the start.

    if somebody could support us with a faster download mirror than fileplanet
    ya that would be an idea, If i put WARMOD on Armaholic would that be a faster mirror, not sure.

    Any other thoughts from anybody of what else i can do with the mod, like i was saying have something like a replacement pack of units and weapons, would take maybe couple weeks to do, i got alot of time on my hands right now.

    up to you guys.

    try WARMOD with ACE, its really ausome!

    thanks again guys
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    Currently working on an update, and am in the process of testing.

    update will fix a few things, and add a few more.

    so far the testing is going good, and the results so far have made the mod a little more immersive and exciting to play!

    Stay Tuned!

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    Just wanted to say that any replacements should be done via isolated modpacks that you can add to the mod=.. parameters, some ppl might want to use their own replacements.

    For example, i'm playing Warmod along with the british units from StalkerGB, it's almost like a new game.

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    ya after you mentioned to me in pm, im thinking probably best to leave the replacements out, after all The.D
    has made a nice compilation list for several replacement mods, as alot of players can just pick what they want.

    there is however something i found just recently that replaces all of BIS weapons with high quality versions, for blufor, opfor, and independent factions,

    would you guys like to have something like that?

    im actually testing that out atm to see how they look and if they are compatible with some existing stuff.

    any tweaks, fixes, or adjustments i can make to the mod that you cannot do yourselves?, via the 2 menus (GL3 menu in the beginning ) and
    (ECS menu when you hit esc ingame), please let me know.

    - pull up radio message when you in a chopper (disable) i hate that message too

    - disabling the AI chat text on bottem left of ingame screen
    (dont know about you guys but i find it little annoying after a while)

    and other things.

    let me know asap so i can do it while im still workin on this update.

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    would you transfer this Mod to ARMA2?

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    it would be nice to have the better quality weapons, but then in a seperate pack.
    same with units and vechicles, although maybe you can make different combinations of units for different kinds of terrain.
    like a desert,urban,jungle.. pack

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    hey guys thanks for your replies:

    would you transfer this Mod to ARMA2?
    well tbh my mod is a compilation mod and contains many mods that make up the whole of what warmod is about. the thing is each mod that is in warmod would have to be ported over to arma 2 for it to even work. now obviously that would be ideal, but me im no modder, im merely a mission maker.

    warmod is actually my attempt to fix, and alter the things in arma that really frustrated me to no end. As much as id want to see my mod in arma 2 i really have no idea on how or even what to do, plus all the mods in warmod are not mine to begin with, even though i have asked permission to all the great modders that have mods in warmod i would maybe again have to ask permission and then figure out maybe from kju or someone on how to port it all over to arma 2.

    then again im not even sure that i could do that as again i cannot make a claim to each individual mod, so really each mod in warmod would have to be ported over by the mod makers themselves, unless i had permission to do so, and then its a 50/50 chance that it would work, as I have no idea on how to do it. lastly were talking about going from arma engine to arma 2 engine which has a different setup in terms of configs id imagine, theres no guarentee that warmod would turn out the same in arma 2 as it plays out in arma 1.

    But very good questions, and really since you had asked, i am rather intrigued myself to findout what would have to be done, and if it can be done and the modders are cool with it then i will do it, so i will add that to my to do list of project to do for warmod after i complete this next update.

    it would be nice to have the better quality weapons, but then in a seperate pack.
    same with units and vechicles, although maybe you can make different combinations of units for different kinds of terrain.
    like a desert,urban,jungle.. pack
    yes it would, good question.
    It is an idea the thing that ])rStrangelove had mentioned to me was that

    "some ppl might want to use their own replacements"

    what i had in mind earlier was to have replacement units, weapons and vehicles that are high quality versions, versus Arma's version. i could put together something like that based the type of terrain.

    the thing with that is these replacement packs would be mostly for those that play in the editor or make missions and would use those.

    WARMOD is very applicable to any game/mod it changes alot of features ect., but once you add replacements units, weapons, vehicles, maybe air units to warmod then those would be geared to the editors, the mission makers, and not the general arma player that just plays coop, or sp mission, and dont even go into the editor.

    It would be some work to do, to add high quality units, weapons, vehicles packs based on terrain.
    that means research, downloading, seeing if it works once some are combined, compatibility testing, then a final run with them with warmod.
    if it works then and i make the decision then i would have to go through the process of getting permisson from those that i would use the mods from.

    its really up to you guys, but like i said this idea in a way really dont have anything to do with warmod based on what warmod was put together to do.

    personally i think it would be easier to find the high quality units, weapons and such an put a mod together yourself that you want, it aint nothing to do, just find them download, put a folder together name it put an addons folder in it then add it to your target line, i think that would be quicker then having me do it, you just have to look in the right places, you have the BIS forums here, armaholic, armed assault info.

    any requests for warmod that you think would compliment how the mod runs?
    meaning what can I add or tweak or adjust or do to make it perform better or just have in general.

    faster dwnload ect.,

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    Currently i am compiling warmod's mods into one folder as to have one folder that is @WARMOD alone and not many folders clustering up your Arma directory.

    Cant guarentee that this will work as there are many mods that could conflict, the current setup works flawless,
    but if i can get this to work then it will be one download, including a small update with some fixes, and an addition.

    testing will take the longest.

    for now heres a video of my lastest tests with current additions and fixes, video has 5 parts, all 5 parts are the same mission,
    I had to break the videos in to parts as each vid was to big to make just one -(i wanted to maintain quality here).

    Warmod just got more intense!

    I have to warn you guys the Ai swears in the videos,
    nothing i edited it, just the AI.

    Watch in HD!

    you can see part 2-5 here--->part 2 -5

    when i recorded these clips i was getting some lag,
    as it looks like i was running into the walls or slow to the shot in some parts.
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    I have already put all of the individual mod folder files into one folder to run on a RAMDisk. I have had no conflicts at all. The Warmod runs flawlessly in this manner. It seemed kind of wrong to put so many files into one folder, but it works very well.

    I look forward to any updates you may have. The AI in SP are much more improved and it's pretty cool to see enemy AI pop smoke when being attacked. Overall, I have found that ARMA runs very well when all environmental related files are loaded via the RAMDisk. No more texture flashing or lag as mod files are loaded.
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