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Thread: WARMOD release

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    Post WarMod Release V 1.5

    by Günter Severloh
    WarMod Website


    what is WarMod?
    WarMod is a massive addon & mod customizable compilation mod built for Armed Assault

    Features of WarMod:
    - UI (user interface) change, the gamy indicators have been removed
    - Realistic Audio-visual awareness inside vehicles, and Armor
    - Weapon control -(hit where you shoot!)
    - Weapon dexterity and dispersion has been eliminated
    - Realistic bullet, rocket ballistics, & rates of fire for small arms.
    - Tank Ammo definitions and correct ballistics for shells
    - Realistic Tank Loadouts, and Laser engagment systems
    - Blown turret FX for tanks
    - HiFi Novus Aevum / HiFi v2.0 Realistic Sound Conversion mod
    - Major AI Overhaul (WarMod has just about every addon & mod for AI)
    - AI Spotting, engagement distances, hearing, and radar upgraded
    - Dynamic sound & Extended voices - AI will shout curses at the enemy, tell you when they're reloading,
    throwing a grenade, engaging, when they're hurt, fleeing or when they've scored a big kill! and say things based on the situation.
    - Fully working twin mguns for AH6 chopper,BIS Camel and ZSU Shilka
    - Ability to Attach a Satchel to Vehicles, & Armor
    - Realistic Kamov (Ka50)
    - Functional Iron Sight for M136 and RPG
    - Chopper and Fighter Plane easier to fly
    - New explosions for grenades, bombs, missiles, and general effects
    - Over 150 Fixes for many aspects of the gam
    - Arma Vegetation replaced so the AI view is blocked by trees and bushes
    - Character movement, weapon animation, transition fixes are spedup for smoother character control
    - Spent Shell Casings -(see bullet, grenadier shels,50 cal, and other shells
    - Various blood effects such as 1st aid pack, blackouts, bleeding, ect..
    - Upgraded grenadier -(enables all grenadier Bluefor units to have a realistic loadouts)
    and many more!
    Brief History of WarMod
    A Mod Idea that started the WarMod series
    and established a new Genre in the game of Arma

    The original idea that started the WarMod series happened in 2009 when I was browsing the addons and mods section of Armaholic, seeing all
    the amazing addons and mods i could add to my game, i thought to myself "wouldn't be ausome to have all these great addons and mods all in one mod!"
    I had the idea to request that someone create a compilation of all the addons & mods and have them all run together in one mod.

    The Idea into action
    Such a Large request I figured no one would ever take up such complex and huge project.
    So I had the crazy idea to take up the project on my own, really not knowing what I was doing
    or getting into, although I was familier with downloading and installing mods and such, i took up the project.

    A name for the New Mod
    I thought up a name that was simple and really had to do with what the game was really all about: WAR,
    hence I named the mod WARMOD, WarMod is a mod of general War.

    Research,Testing and more testing
    From this point on I had read, and researched and downloaded and installed every addon and mod that delt with AI, game fixes, effects,
    explosions, tracers, gameplay, and many misc features all dealing with basically gameplay.

    From there I spent many months testing, removing, reading, troubleshooting and creating readmes that gave the downloader of my new mod what
    was in my mod, as well as creating a folder layout that allowed the new player/downloader of the mod an easy install of the mod.

    The original Mod WarMod was founded in 2009 and started with Arma1 containing 80+ addons and mods.
    After Arma2 released and the mods built up for that A2WarMod (A2=Arma2) was released in 2010 it had containing 120+ addons and mods.
    In 2011 CoWarMod was released, which was the biggest of all compilation it had 224+ addons and mods.
    v1.5 July,2012
    -reorganized folder system
    -added Documentations folder in @WarMod folder
    -added Loading screen
    -added Extras folder
    -added mod SLX
    -updated ECS configuration files so mod now works from @WarMod addons folder
    -updated GL3 configuration files so mod now works from @WarMod addons folder
    -updated credits list
    -updated changlog
    -rebuilt Features list

    -added mod HiFi Sound FX 1.5r2 @ HiFi Warfare
    -added mod Better Kamov (v 1.0)
    -added mod Environment Mod
    -added mod Group Link 3 - The Ultimate AI Enhancement
    -added mod The Enhanced Configuration System (ECS)
    -added mod GDTModAV8 (v 1.00)
    -added mod Functional Iron Sight for M136 and RPG
    -added mod GDTModHelicopter
    -added mod GDT Mod HDR
    -added mod ArmA Artillery Fix (v 1.0)
    -added mod Arma OFPEC Blood Effects
    -added mod @S63_GrenadierPack
    -added mod Red's Fix (144 fixes total)
    -added mod TrueMods
    -added mod EasyFly planes
    -updated credits
    -updated Permissions list
    -updated Features readme
    -Preinstalled EEH (you just have to add it to your target line)

    -added mod Deadfast's Cartridges (v 0.2.0)
    -added mod 6thSense.eu Pack 1 (v 0.4)
    -added mod 6thSense.eu Pack 2 (v 0.1)
    -added mod Real Dispersion
    -added mod GDTModTracked
    -added mod GDT Mod Satchel
    -added mod Compact Fix for ArmA (v 1.16A)
    -added mod zTanks Merge (v 0.9)
    -added mod PROPER ToughChopperRotor
    -updated Permissions list
    -updated Installation readme updated for Full & Patch
    -updated Gameplay and Features
    -updated Whats new readme
    -updated Fixed couple of bugs
    -removed mbg cartridges (as it was conflicting with Deadfast's Cartridge)

    -updated Installation Readme
    -updated Feature readme
    -added ECS & GL3 Tweaks readme
    -added SDP Vehicles with multiple guns
    -added VFAI - AI Extension
    -added TrueRangeAI - (also known as truegamplaymods)

    -changed Warmod has been repacked to be one download
    -ECS mod and GL3 mod have seperate download
    updated Readme
    -updated Features readme
    -removed data folder

    v1.0 July 5th,2009
    - Initial Release
    -= /// CREDITS \\\ =-
    The following individuals I give credit to,
    without their great mods this compilation mod would not be possible!!

    ANZACSAS Steve
    Celery, i0n0s and Q
    Helmut Jäeger
    Kju & team
    Mazza & team
    Mark XIII
    NWD_ScopeFix v2.2 )
    sickboy & 6thSense team
    Sudden Death

    A few people that are in the credits
    were unavailable to ask for permission.

    Thanks to Wolle for helping me make the right decisions for
    getting this mod out.
    Last edited by Gnter Severloh; Dec 26 2012 at 04:03. Reason: Updated to 1.5
    WarMod Series - A Massive Addon & Mod Customizable Compilation mod for Arma1, Arma2,CO & soon Arma3 IFA3
    Mission Repository - Hosting Missions & Files for Iron Front: Liberation 1944
    WW2Epic - A Compilation Archive of Photos, Music, Videos, & References of WW2
    AI Compilation List of Addons/Mods/Scripts & Misc for Arma3

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    Wow, a lot of work went into this i imagine. Will test Evolution with it. Thx for releasing.

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    Good work my friend, excellent 1st post with lots of infomation

    I'm looking forward to trying it out, but one little thing. Any chance of some Video's ? Maybe showing comparision to Vanilla ? It would certainly get folks interested

    Anyway, best of luck and well done, no easy job compilling such a large selection of mods.
    anything you can do.....

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    Hey guys, thanks for the reply,

    Any chance of some Video's ? Maybe showing comparision to Vanilla ?
    I actually tried this already, i have a full registered version of fraps, but when i go to watch the video to see how it turned out the sound is off, its like when like say an explosion goes off you will here it real time but then you wont see it til like 5-10sec later.
    Not really sure what to do, if anyone has any suggestions for vid making id like to know for my own sake, cuz the missions i make for myself are simply amazing and i keep telling myself dam i got to get this on video!

    well i can describe a little bit to you its a start til the vid thing is figured out.

    when you shoot lets say any inf weapons your recoil is sharp
    where you aim is where you hit, no more crazy dispersion like shooting half a clip to kill a guy, that was a major turn off for me.
    Gun control--no more super heavy weight guns,the dexterity of all inf weapons have been changed so that when you move it in a direction as fast or as slow that the gun moves there, up or down, side to side, your gun is there, not a second late, this allows you to run and gun if you will.
    and speaking of run and gun yes you can now, unlike vanilla Arma where you cannot run and shoot with your gun, you can now!

    Ai will call artillary on you too if theirs art on the map

    movement animations have been changed, so that they have a smooth transition from one movement to the next, the forward movement is almsot like a sprint, the mod can be removed for that if one done like it but if you want to get somewhere quick just goig forward its there.
    there is a much more realistic ballistics, same for rockets or RPGs.
    when you do shoot the shells that come out of your gun no matter the gun be it m16, m104, m203,even ah1 helicopter 31mm shells, even grenades that you throw the pin you pull from your grenade you will see on the ground.
    When you drop any equipment on the ground its no longer in big backpack looking bags like in vanilla arma, you actually see what you dropped, the weapon, its actually clips, anything you drop that you have you will see real time. I always thought that in vanilla arma that that was dumb that you just had these backpack looking things, rather breaks the immersion.
    as you know ECS and GL3 are in the mod so when i did alot of testing on the mod i watched the AI do many things that was really cool.

    If you shot at them they would immeditatley drop smoke, they did this when i was a sniper, i fired a round and killed a guy then all of a sudden teh squad threw smoke, but they must have communicated to a squad close to them as that squad dropped smoke.
    all a sudden the squad scrambeled and started to find out where the shot came from, you would see a couple of inf run out searching, even one came in my direction and passed me, lol i hid in the bushes (yes AI will not see you in the bushes! unlike vanilla arma pfft)

    so the guy ran around and returned. when they discovered where i was, and seen me i had a couple of mgs shoot a me and when i moved from that position like 2 feet away they kept shooting at that position for probably 5 sec more.

    when it got darker the Ai would shoot flares, and then throw smoke to conceal their position, and i had no idea where they were, when i got up and finally looked around i seen small groups of 2-4 soldiers on either flanks coming in, some would go behind the position, mgs would suppress while the others moved in.

    when some of the ai saw me some would throw grenades, i remember one grenade comign close enough, it went off but didn't kill me, but the screen went white and the ear peircing ring was there, by the time i recovered, the ai was right there, and boom i was done for.

    whats cool too is that all inf engage any close choppers or planes, even firing their rpgs at it. theres a mod in there that gives the choppers more survival rate which is great but you still got to watch your ass.
    grenadier's grenades now hit their mark, they used to overshoot, now they land, rather scary.
    Snipers especially the vca or vsa something i foget but the big sniper rifles for teh russians, oh man i can recall many times getting killed by them things from afar, all u hear is a small crack in the distance and fleshy thwump sound.
    AT guns or RPGs all have backblast effects
    hellfire missels have smoke trailes as well as ffars from planes or choppers.
    miniguns on choppers have tracers, same for the 31mm guns.

    its a sight to behold when your fighting. the sound mod which is your mod Mark made the game so much more epic and immersive, explosions and crazy stuff going on kept you almost just watching the fight like a movie instead of participating in it, lol
    well before this turns into a book, i'll see if i can make some small vid clips to put up, those i dont have any trouble with just the longer clips.

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    OMG! Nice compilation!

    One thing... I have most of those mods that went into WARMOD... is there a guide where I can put them together into WARMOD instead of downloading another copy?
    My System:
    Core I5 750 OC to 3.33ghz, Asus P55 Turbo Mobo, 4gb Kingston DDR3, 4gb USB2.0 Flash, Sapphire HD4870 1gb CCC 9.11, 500gb SATA2, Win XP pro 32bit, Pilfius voice recognition, Betop Force Feedback Joystick, TrackIR 4 Pro, Microsoft IME 3.0 gaming mouse, WolfKing Keyboard
    My Permanent Mod List:
    @CBA;@ACE;@ACEX;@HiFi;@WarFX,@JTD;@MMA;@GL4;@GIB_c opy_my_stance
    My Mission Series:
    Operation Iron Fist series , experience the realities and cruelties of war 股指期货

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    is there a guide where I can put them together into WARMOD instead of downloading another copy?
    Take whatever mod you have that you want to add to warmod and put the mods that effect the "effects" of the game in the @WarEffects folder

    take the addons and mods that effect the "gameplay" aspects of teh game and put them into the @WARGameplay folder.

    what i did for WARMOD is i have alot of unit, weapons, and replacement packs i downloaded so i created a mod folder called @WarUnits and put them all in that, and then in my target line i just added the @warunits to it.

    any mod you want to add to warmod just make a mod folder, name it whatever, and then place it after the @ECS in the target line, and the mod will work.

    ECS has to always be first and the @GL3;@EEH will always be last or the menu for GL3 will not show up and ECS will not initialize.
    -nosplash -mod=@ECS;@WarGameplay;@WarEffects;@HiFi_Novus_Aevu m;@GL3;@EEH
    another example is i play warmod with ACEmod some times and so i setup my target line like this:

    Target line:
    -nosplash -mod=@ECS;@ACE;@WarGameplay;@WarEffects;@HiFi_Novus _Aevum;@GL3;@EEH
    I also play Warmod with CWR (cold War rearmed) so my shortcut for that mod is setup like so:

    -nosplash -mod=@ECS;@CWR;@WarGameplay;@WarEffects;@HiFi_Novus _Aevum;@islands;@GL3;@EEH
    oh and i got a huge folder with all the islands i play on in one folder as a mod in there too.

    does that answer your question?
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    I see, so there are no conflicts between the mods by default or do you have to tweak them?

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    Thanks for your contribution to the arma community Gunter. 8) Glad to see some are still playing this most excellent game.

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    your welcome, what i put together wouldn't be possible if none of the mods i compiled were even around, so really a big thanks have to go to those before me, just an idea born out of frustration and the big question "why wasn't this in vanilla arma to begin with"
    what i had asked myself when i was testing.

    so there are no conflicts between the mods by default or do you have to tweak them?
    only conflicts i had was a couple of things in ECS, gave me tremendous lag which i tweaked the local files to have a few things disabled when the game starts. GL3 I tweaked a couple of things, and had great results with that, but the only thing that gave me an issue was really an ingame thing was a mod that delt with the inventory adn it conflicted with ACEmod in a way that your inventory or gear as its known was unreadable, or blurry, you couldn't tell what you had, so that was a definate fix.

    But overall to answer your question there really were no conflicts, only thing that was the biggest challenge was figuring out the load order, which took alot of testing and tweaking and figured it out, i had to actually remove a few mods as they conflicted with other ones, but in general if you just follow the protocal if you will of when you want to add a mod, just put it after the @ECS, and before the @GL3, like i showed in my last post, adn you shouldn't have any problems.

    currently on request, i had recorded 7 vids to demonstrate warmod, its actually just some gameplay on a mission i made to test out warmod.

    right now im trying to reduce the size of the vids somehow so i can upload them to utube as utube has a 2gig limit. the vids wont be able to show all features of warmod but just from the gameplay alone one can get a relative idea, that this aint no vanilla Arma.

    hope to be back very soon with the uploads, I will post them on the release topic then you guys can check em out.

    If anyone else is interested in making a vid, that knows how to make a decent one then by all means.
    hope to have mine up soon.

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    Thanks for the heads up mate

    Now if only someone round here could make this guy alittle vid......Any takers ?


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