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Thread: single player campaign in coop multiplayer

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    Sounds like a design fault, in that case. You might just skip that mission.

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    Are you playing with a mod ?

    Some mods may have replaced the BIS UH60 by models that have problems, or just have some scripts added that shutdown the UH60 at start for whatever reason (i remember having seen a chopper shutdown by a script to have a "startup procedure" occuring and after it the chopper was able to start again).

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    both my friend and I tried the multiplayer patch and it works, but a weird thing happens:
    as soon as the client player joins the game ( in the 1st mission) we all die and the helicopter falls into the sea...
    I tried the first mission and both helos land fine. Funny thing I also tried an old set of CWC MP campaign missions and the second helo crashes in the forest at the LZ. The pilot slots seem to be assigned as AI by the mission, they are not selectable

    How can I see the other teams and maybe find a pilot role to assign my friends to?
    Starting at mission 05B strange meeting you get multiple groups, Alpha Black and Alpha Red, but Alpha Black is only 1 player. Use the up/down slider to the right of the player slots to see all of the players. This comes into play more in later missions.
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