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Thread: HELP!!! ''Bad version server rejected connection''

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    HELP!!! ''Bad version server rejected connection''

    hi all im new to the MP area so i have no clue about wat is goin on a few weeks back i tried playing online but i couldnt get into any games dont know y this is? but recently ive downloaded the new patch and im getting the said title "bad version server rejected connection" have i downloaded the patch wrong? my internet itself is quality never have any problems and i have a very good quality PC!! PLEASE respond help would be greatly appreciated

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    Patch 1.04 official?

    That should work fine.

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    i basically went on arma2.com went to the downlads chose kelly'sheroes as the mirror then started to download

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    Please tell me you don't have it on Steam.

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    HELP! i also need help with the same problem, i have it on steam..what do i need to do so i can play online, PLEASE help, its making me so angry aha!

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    Steam Thread:

    Make sure your steam is able to autoupdate.
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