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Thread: Setting waypoints for the GPS?

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    Setting waypoints for the GPS?

    Hey all,

    sorry for asking what propably is a noob question (which i still happen to be) but this one really bugs me. I figured that in ARMA2 you have the GPS as a minimap replacement. However, since it is not zoomable (at least i was told so on a server earlier that day) i was wondering if it is somehow possible to set a waypoint in the map that then displays in the GPS?

    Because the biggest problem i have is the orientation. I keep pressing M all the time just to find my way to the front. If i had a waypoint in my GPS pointing me in the right direction that would be a thing of awesomeness and i wouldn't get lost in the woods with my motobike so often


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    While it won't show on your GPS. Press Shift-Mouse1 (left mouse button) somewhere on the map and you'll get a temporary waypoint which will show up on your HUD.

    Provided your difficulty settings allow it.

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    that sounds helpfull! I hope it works online too since i don't play the singleplayer. (Shooting AI ain't fun for me)

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    Works like a charm in MP as well. It's just a local, personal waypoint on your computer

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    For me, it's L-Shift + L-mouse......R-Shift doesn't work on my end (maybe due to remapping keys).

    To delete your waypoint, hover de cursor over it, and press Del.

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    How do you show the GPS on the HUD ? I dont remember the last time i went on a server with this feature.

    Is it possible to bring it on the HUD or its a mission thingy ?

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    You can set a marker on your map if you want and that should show up on the gps.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jakerod View Post
    You can set a marker on your map if you want and that should show up on the gps.
    And then some schmuck will delete it just for the fun of it. AFAIK there's no way to place a local marker (aside from the waypoint).

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    Right ctrl + m will keep Your gps visible

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