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Thread: CSLA Studio - work in progress thread

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    Nice one CSLA Team! I always enjoyed your MOD since the OFP days. But I never saw that MIG-15 that was promised for OFP in any of Arma1 or Arma2 games.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pafetik Bazerka View Post
    Will there be a campaign or missions included with you release? Its always good to have an imediate use for stuff of this quality.
    Yes, there will be mini-campaign and few SP and MP missions in our release for A2

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    I have CSLA for ArmA:CO and looking forward to having the CSLA in ArmA 2. Any plans to have desert camo for Operation Enduring Freedom? That'd be great to use in the various Afghanistan islands available.

    Thanks and keep up the great work!

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    Hi guys, loved your mod for OFP. Just wondering if you are going to be including your Landrover Ambulance in your A2 release? Really loved that model from the OFP days.


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    Yeah it would be great to see some ACR stuff.

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    Woodland ACR units are planned for ArmA2 as well as a weapon pack (which is almost ready) and some vehicles (being worked on). As for desert ACR, according to the official statements, Czech army SF will be present in OA expansion, which could be used as a basis for further development.

    EDIT: Regarding the ambulance, it's not a priority right now, but it's on the ToDo list.
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    According to the latest reports, the CSLA paratroopers were seen over the Chernarus. We have confirmed now the motoriflemen and paratrooper units with complete equipment.

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    Stay tuned

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    man you guys are good great job looking forward to whats next

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