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Thread: OFP Multiplayer - terrain details (cover)

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    OFP Multiplayer - terrain details (cover)

    ok when i set my terrain details to very high i get many possibilities to take cover on the ground, however in multiplayer we (LAN) always have only flat landscape, which screws the game.. how can u change it?

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    In the mission you want to play in MP, in the init.sqs of the mission add the following :
    setTerrainGrid X
    With X being a value corresponding to the terrain detail you want.
    You can find the explanations here

    Value - Terrain detail
    50 - Very low
    25 - Low (according to wiki it is the MP default ? )
    12.5 - Normal
    6.25 - High
    3.125 - Very High

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    ok - how is it possible to do this with custom maps as well?

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    Just open the existing mission PBO, if there is an init.sqs , just add the line to it, if there is no init.sqs, create such file and add the line.

    Or -untested in MP and for more than 1 minute, so use this at your own risks-

    -Create your own mod folder, inside of it, create a subfolder you will name

    -With binview, open the original BIS config.bin (located in ..\Res\bin\ ) and select File-> Save, it will save in the same folder a config.cpp

    -Take this config.cpp and put it in \yourmodfolder\bin\

    -Open it with a text editor and look for :
    class Man:Land
    You should see
    class Man:Land
    a bunch of lines

    Just after the { , add this :
    		class EventHandlers
    			init="setterraingrid 6.25";
    So you have

    class Man:Land

    class EventHandlers
    init="setterraingrid 6.25";
    then a bunch of lines

    Save the changes

    Now use CPP2BIN and convert the newly modified config.cpp into a

    Once done, delete the config.cpp to have only a config.bin in your \ownmodfolder\bin\

    Start OFP with your shortcut modified to use -mod=yourmodfoldername in the target line.

    Have all your friends playing LAN with you to have the same modfolder as you, and be sure they all start OFP with the same modified shortcut.

    Ingame the terrain detail should always be set to "High" when starting a mission (i recommend to not use "very high" setterraingrid, it can sometime crash PC in more "intense" missions), High features lot of bumpy enough terrain anyways.

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