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Thread: Operation Flashpoint Fans, a group for everyone!

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    Exclamation Operation Flashpoint Fans, a group for everyone!

    Hey guys, I've recently created a YouTube group for the original Operation Flashpoint fans!

    If you've made movies for the game both past, present, and future, join up! Add your videos like crazy and get them known with other Operation Flashpoint fans. The goal is to have one central database of videos for the original Operation Flashpoint game. The videos can be about anything Operation Flashpoint related (not Dragon Rising).

    GROUP: OFPHQgroup

    If you're just a fan, that's fine! Join the group! You're more than welcome to!

    Thanks for taking the time to read and join if you do, tell you're friends! Spread this like wild fire!
    Operation Flashpoint Videos:

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    Moving to Squads and Fanpages section.

    It's a nice idea.
    I'm new to these YouTube groups - What do they offer to the members, other than the ability to gather videos of the same subject together?

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    I'm a bit new to it as well!

    I'm unsure of any other features it YT groups has. But I do know that it can bring together fans from all over the globe and discuss whatever they like, and even organize multiplayer events in Operation Flashpoint should anyone like to set up a server and ask for participants!

    Don't be shy!

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    Good idea?multiplayer idea match rocks.

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    YouTube Groups will no longer be available starting December 1, 2010.
    Well, apparently that's the end of that. But it was a good effort, nevertheless.
    Remember people: You can always post your videos in the OFP videography thread too:

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