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Thread: hi, Im xx; who are u?

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    hi, Im xx; who are u?

    I am a noob in online/multiplayer gaming in general.
    I love OFP and played it a much already (alone).
    indeed it is almost the only game I played and loved a much ever.
    I don't have a powerful enough PC and a high speed permanent internet connection at home, but played it online several times at work (in idle times), where we have a 256K ADSL, recently.
    is that good enough for playing ofp online with others?
    although I am in a far country and my ping is high always (around 300ms).
    probably you have seen me in the game recently. if so please tell me and tell your id in online games too.
    I want to know who are you and about any other thing interesting if you want (how many years u played ofp, where are you from, how many hours and in what days of the week at what time you play, etc.).


    btw, xx is my windows account's username at work.
    maybe I should change my name in ofp?
    what about colliding names? (if someone else had the same username)


    and I am 30 years old
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