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Thread: FN SCAR MLOD's giveaway

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    FN SCAR MLOD's giveaway

    ...why? Because i love you guys!

    Yup i know, the scars are coming in 'Arrowhead' but i found these on an old dusty cd (thought they were gone forever).

    Have fun - and be warned; everything is in OFP:RES format. Conversion is needed.

    Link to the ooooold thread:

    And the files:

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    Thanks I will have a look!

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    Sweet! Thanks for the hardwork. And hardcore conversion will be needed if we want these in ArmA2.

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    Texture just need some touching up, but other than that good work. Also don't forget to add the animations like the magazine removing, and the working bolt mechanism.

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    It also needs to leave a shadow - looks like the guy isn't holding anything in that pic.


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    Also, doesn't forget the normal maps and _as/_smdi textures too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Christian.1987 View Post
    I try it, converts into to ARMA2.

    The model looks fine for A2 if materials (nohq, as, smdi) are made and configured carefully. ACOG should be taken from A1 mlods however as it looks rather poor in 1st person now.
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    Sorry guys for the imprinted egotripping tag on the textures. I didn't bother upload the original untouched psd textures since everything were made with outdated promo rifle photos anyway.

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    Can you possibly make a few variations of the SCAR I love that weapon

    Eotech, Acog, Ironsights.

    Make sure to add the bolt and clip animations and touch up the print text on the sides.

    Thank you.
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