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    I have just installed OFP and seem to be encountering some crashes alot! Sometimes the game will run, other times it will just crash when you enter the Audio options, or will will run in a games - then crash. Very annoying as it looks to be a bloody good game.

    Any ideas/help...please!


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    Forgot to mention.

    My setup is

    A7V266-E and use the onboard sound.
    AMD 1700 xp

    If I disable the audio drivers thigs seem to be better.

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    Does your soundcard's setting allow you to disable hardware acceleration and EAX? If so, try that without disabling sound altogether.

    If that doesn't help, have you check to see whether there's a soundboard driver update for you on-board card or updates for you motherboard/BIOS?

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    If my sound card doesn't allow it, is there anything in Windows 98SE that could do it?

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    Yep, you can go into 'control panel' and open 'multi media', click on 'advanced properties', then 'performance' and turn the 'hardware acceleration' slider all the way down,, or you can get to the 'hardware acceleration' slider through the 'DirectX diagnosis' application,...

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