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Poll: What peripherals do you use for Arma 2

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Thread: Peripherals used. (multiple selections)

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    Post Peripherals used. (multiple selections)

    Curious to see which peripherals people use in Arma 2.

    My setup:

    Mouse: G9

    Keyboard: G15

    Monitor: 1 x Dell 24" Ultrasharp

    Joystick: Thrustmaster T.flight

    TrackIR: TrackIR 5 with pro headclip

    Headphones: AKG K701
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    Damn I didn't check 'other'...

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    One of my mice, one of my keyboards and occasionally some cheap joystick I have, I think it's a Saitek one.
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    Brain ?

    do you got some usb cable you plug in your ear(s) from your computer ?

    me want one

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    Nice poll.

    Actually this reminds me that I wanted to go and buy a joystick...

    Quote Originally Posted by nuxil
    Brain ?


    me want one
    No comment.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dead3yez View Post
    Damn I didn't check 'other'...

    Damn, knew i would forget something.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MadDogX View Post
    Nice poll.

    Actually this reminds me that I wanted to go and buy a joystick...

    No comment.
    Go buy a Thrustmaster T.flight, you wont be disappointed

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    Mouse: MX518
    Keyboard: Saitek Eclipse
    Joystick: Saitek X45
    Brain: My own
    Other: Koss headset/microphone

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    Microsoft Sidewinder Mouse and Keyboard setup, it's heavenly.

    Logitech Attack (3?) joystick for flying.

    I sometimes use my brain, but in public servers I just don't see the point.

    I would also love better weapon feel, guns wiggling side to side, feeling like they are pounding your shoulder, i would love ragdoll physics, and I would really love soldiers screaming and shouting.

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    pity you didn't have a "Freetrack" option - it would have got a LOT of votes, and the results might actually have been informative...
    As it is??... well... 100% of players use a keyboard and mouse... well that's handy to know... If you want to know what peripherals people use a good start would be to list all the possibilities... (I don't see headset/mic either)...

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