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Thread: [AAS]Flight Control v1.0 - 30 players

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    [AAS]Flight Control v1.0 - 30 players


    After my attempt at making a large scale AAS map, and deciding to leave the big ones to the more experienced mission creators out there, I'm back with another 30player AAS mission (yes, I'm quite enioying the editor at the moment, lol) It all takes place in a small area, that area being the "airport" that should not be unknown to those that have ever played Domination, which I found to be rather interesting for those that like an intense, close quarters, fight for control (hence the name, "Flight Control").

    I hope you'll enjoy it, and find this to be a fun to play mission


    - filefront (v1.02):

    Armaholic mirror (v1.02):
    - Flight Control AAS-30




    - [SBS]Coolbox
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    interesting, Ill let BMF Fish know this is out so he can put it in the rotation, it looks fun, but looks can be decieving

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    yup looks good. hopefully to give it a whirl on BCA server soonsih

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    What's Domination?

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    Hi Flightster!

    thx for making this one! I downloaded and checked it on the editor, it seems you´re using your 30 Player-Limit only in the title but you did not make any changes to players via Editor or Scripts, right? So it´s still an aas50-Map as we call it. That´s great, so i recompiled your Map (based on r224) with the latest AAS-Alpha-Scripts (based on r273) we already run on our server along with other Maps to avoid confusion running different versions. That means a lot of bugfixes and additional features but also means maybe new bugs as its always work in progress what you see on our server.

    If you allow it Flightster, i´ll upload your mission to our development folder so it get´s part of the next official AAS-Mission-Pack Release with all the latest AAS-Stuff in it. Of course you´ll be credited.

    Your Map is the first now in our Map-Cycle, feel free to check it out.



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    Ofcourse you're allowed mate, always a pleasure to see your maps be passed along And no, I did not change the limit in the description.ext.. So I did keep your advice in mind, only thing that would need to be done is adding extra player slots (there are only 15 on each side atm)

    My clan currently also uses the alpha version of aas, looks good! The shortcuts take some getting used to, but all in all it's very well built.
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    Thx Man!

    So I did keep your advice in mind, only thing that would need to be done is adding extra player slots (there are only 15 on each side atm)
    Well, i just doublechecked it now in the Editor, there are definitely 25 Slots on each side, did you remove them somewhere else?

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    Yeah, I'm confusing this one with another version I made for my clan.. lol

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    Thanks for putting it on your servers, btw.. Hope it's been doing well in giving people something fun to play

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    After playing it several times on my clan's server, I found that the zones might be a bit too large for an environment of this size.. So for the ones that share this opinion I went ahead and made them a bit smaller, increasing it's playability.

    new version (1.02) can be downloaded here:

    and here:
    Armaholic mirror:
    - Flight Control AAS-30
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