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Thread: EW

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    Cool EW


    Hello everyone,
    I would like to inform you I'm working on unofficial single player mini-campaign for ARMA2. If you're familiar with my OFP missions, you know you can expect another story driven blockbuster full of surprising twists, special effects, heroic music and movie-like armosphere. And RAH-66 Comanche, of course.

    Find out more on promo page:

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    Bravo. Looking forward to this.
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    I can't wait. And it features the RAH-66

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    Ewww ... surprise surprise!

    REALISM! No, fuck that, FIRE THE LASER!

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    Looking forward to this, so far we've had no extra campaigns as such!I appreciate the game hasnt been out long enough for people to have really taken the time to release a good one though

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    Sounds cool! Thanks Gaia for letting us know.

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    Great news!
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    Looks pretty good!
    Need Voice-Acting or original instrumentals/beats for MODS? Message me!

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    Ok you guys are spoiling me with all these awesome surprises...! More sleepless nites....

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    sounds great... but I thought the Commanche program was cancelled...

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