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Thread: BinPBO strange commandline results

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    Question BinPBO strange commandline results


    Guess I'm overlooking something.
    Can someone explain me what I'm missing when I use the following batchfile to pbo.

    1) I use the latest binpbo tool from BIS
    2) I'm on WinXP 32bit
    3) I use it on arma1

    e:\Games\BinPBO\Binpbo.exe e:\Games\ArmA1\arma1-i44sounds\AddOns\i44sounds e:\Games\ArmA1\arma1-i44sounds\AddOns -PACK
    Endresult: a pbo-file which is only 11Mb in size.
    When I use the right-mouse-button over the i44sounds directory the resulting pbo is 23Mb, like it should be.

    Is there a difference between the commandline binpbo-ing and the windows-binpbo-ing ?

    What am I overlooking or is the commandline binpbo-ing bugged ?

    Thanks, Monk.
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    The source might have been compressed or not all files are inside.
    Just extract it via cpbo/extractPbo, and compare the source vs unpacked (windiff).

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    Thanks, think I got it covered.
    Might have been a failed test.
    The 23Mb file contains SVN-files too


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