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Thread: OFP Addon request thread

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    And if you have a vilas packs, and a map of Poland, please share me a links, because all of them were on megaupload. :<

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    Have you considered asking vilas himself?

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    Vilas don't have these files now. I've but you'll have to wait till evening 'cause I've got to upload them somewhere and it's 300MB (too much for 99% of hosting sites).

    Edit: link.
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    im looking for bin mod

    i remember there was Bin mod that realism mod.

    but now, i cannot find anymore.

    where did it gone?
    what happened??

    sorry for poor english

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    You simply had to look in addons & mods complete. and there it is:
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    ahh~ thanks!
    it was 'binmod'! not 'bin mod'

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    anyone have this addon RAH-66 Comanche v1.12 by DKM-Mod
    than plz upload it somewhere not working
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    Quote Originally Posted by RT_NR View Post
    Hi, I need vilas pack. It is really important.
    take alook here or alternatively pm vilas.

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    Not necessarily 'looking' for an existing addon, but here's an idea of a full mod I would want (also would be awesome for MP).

    So I requested stuff about Command and Conquer: Tiberian Dawn (not Tiberian Sun) and I got some great replies here, but I shall post a full on unit list/buildings list that I typed up awhile back of things I'd like to see proper eventually (originally typed this up for a movie I wanted to make, but that movie idea would likely never be brought to life, so why not use the list for other things?). Like if someone would like to pick up a mod that would make said units/defenses/vehicles. Or I could ask to be pointed to where I could reskin existing units to get the basics of what I'd want? Dunno how well that'd work, though.

    Here's the list if someone's interested in making a full on proper Tiberian Dawn mod (sadly the units that were linked to me, while the links worked, the mods on them have moved on from OFP, and that's saddening):
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    @Tiket just type in comanche in the news section instead of the addons section, and look for 'DKM Comanche V1.12'. The link there works.

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