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Thread: Player looking for squad (not for squads to post looking for players!)

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    Jul 14 2009
    Edmonton, AB
    Hi, I'm 15 from Canada and i'm looking for a group of people that actively plays and requires only Operation Arrowhead, i'm mature and i can listen to orders and do what is needed. Thanks.

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    Hello, im 21 years old from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I speak spanish and english. Im looking for a squad which plays Coop. I bought Combined Operations, but currently i only downloaded Arma 2 OA.
    My timezone is GMT -3:00, i work until 5 PM, so in the evening i have time to play. I have xfire and a mic.
    The squad im looking for is one that likes to do organized coop, with specific roles for its players, and with mature squadmates.
    I only played Operation Flashponit ( 1st game) and im new to Arma 2. I have experience in FPS games, and squad based ones ( Wolfenstein Enemy Territory, Battleground Europe).
    I like playing support roles, like medic.


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    Looking for Squad

    Looking for a squad, mature player, have played many shooters especially realism shooters. I play Project Reality, and Arma2 & OA singleplayer, however the singleplayer is just frustrating and I'm hoping to get some time in Multiplayer. I also play other shooters such as CoD series and the Battlefield franchise, however they aren't the realistic taste I'm looking for. You can find me on steam, DevilsMercenary, or through my personal e-mail as listed if I'm not mistaken. It is also my MSN, just send a message as for the reason your adding me. Hopefully see some action on the field soon.

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    New to Arma!

    Hi all.New to Arma and looking for a group to Train with.I prefer being on the ground in the thick.Would like to be Medic or Support role.Im definately not pro, but catch on quick and can follow orders.Let me know if you or your clan is looking for new recruits.TY!!!

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    Multiplayer Squads, what?

    Hi, okay I've done some researching. I'm sorry but I'm not really finding any squads out there that are really active anymore. It seems the community has piled out of online gaming and everyone has started their own squad.

    Or what is going on with this? Are there any squads out there who are active and have a good reputation right now?

    I know the 3rd ID has gone downhill, I don't think the 1st infantry division isn't really active, unless I'm wrong on that. I mean active, as in active members, plays missions regularly all that stuff. Not active as in oh we have a name out there, meaning something's actually happening..

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    Hello all,

    I'm a 16 year old though mature player from the Netherlands and I'm looking for a rather small (coop) squad to join. I don't really want to play in a massive community because I think it's harder to work together with someone you don't really know. I'll play any role needed.

    I have TS3 and a mic so that shouldn't be a problem.

    Thanks in advance,

    Work in Progress

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    Hello yall

    Im a 26 year old norwegian. Im currently looking for a Realism squad to join Englishspeaking pref GMT based, tough us will be considered.

    I work RL as a paramedic, so therfor i enjoy shooting stuff on my freetime :P I can folow orders, mature, and have no problems with TS3 etc.
    Im looking for a squad witch focus on realism, plays Coop & PVP. Large/medium gang preffered. It would also be awsome if the squad use time on both tactical infantry stuff as well as managing armour, air etc. Kinda wana join the army if u understand

    In return ill invest my time with the gang when ever RL dont eat my time (Work, training my rescuedog)

    I hope to hear from you if u have what im looking for. PM or send e-mail to christer(dot)havno(A)live(dot)no


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    warrior2seven here,

    Im 27 from Arizona. Not sure what type of squad Iam am looking for...I have never been in one before. Looking for a group that can show me the ropes.

    I only have OA and I work 3rd shift so I can be on most nights till 2200hrs PMT.
    I spent 7 years in the US Army, I attained the rank of SSG and my last position was Weapon Squad Leader. I have loads of experience and knowledge in small unit tactics and operating with the M2A2ODS.

    I have no problems leading troops or following orders. Family/real-life always comes first for me.

    I would prefer to get away from an Infantry role and train in helicopters. This is a game and I find it more fun doing the things that I have not done in real life. So if anyone is looking for a helo pilot and doesnt mind training one let me know.

    Thanks All

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    Name: Joey
    Age: 17
    Location: United Kingdon
    Timezone: GMT
    Experience: Operation Flashpoint, Armed Assault, Armed Assault 2, ArmA2: OH.
    Microphone: Yes
    Looking for: I am looking for a Russian/Eastern/Geurilla realism unit either in Armed Assault 2 or Operation Arrowhead. I've had alot of experience MilSim units in the previous years dating back to Operation Flashpoint, and I am now looking for a similar unit "playing the other side".
    Desired Position: Preferably infantry.

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    I am a 21 year old Norwegian. Currently at uni in Trondheim, so can't be expected to be online VERY often, but would love to find a squad using ACRE and that has fun on a semi-regular basis.

    Fond of choppers and infantry, less so of aircraft. Currently gaming on low-end, but planning to upgrade soon. Previous experience has been OFP and Arma.

    UK/Euro/Scandinavian squads very much preferred against US.

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