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Thread: Player looking for squad (not for squads to post looking for players!)

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    Looking for a smaller unit with experienced people from Europe

    Name: Jukka
    Soldier name: Osprey
    Age: 16, almost 17
    Language: English, Finnish
    Games: ArmA 2 and Operation Arrowhead
    Timezone: GMT + 2
    Location: Finland
    Experience: Played ArmA 2 with ACE couple years, I was in 6th Airborne realism unit.
    Roles preferred: Infantry, Armor

    I'm mature player and I'm looking for a nice experienced squad which plays ArmA 2 + Arrowhead with ACE and ACRE. Looking for Coop and PvP gaming. Not intrested of squad which plays only as one nation..


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    Name: Matthew
    Soldier name: Silver
    Age: 21
    Language: English
    Games: Arma 2 and Arma2 Operation Arrowhead
    Timezone: Eastern Time
    Location: Canada, Montreal
    Mic: Yes
    Experience: Played day one launch of arma2 and arrow head for a year and half then my clan got disbanded, i stopped playing and now I'm trying to get back into arma2 since arma3 is this year !

    Roles preferred:Transport helicopter Pilot, and anything that can fly.I also liked spotting back when i was playing with my old squad. I'm not asking to get the role of pilot day one if you don't want to but as long as i can prove I'm good and i can fly eventually its ok with me.
    Other Roles: humvee driver,troop transport,infantry, support,sniper/spotter
    I have Teamspeak, Ventrillo and Skype.
    LOOKING FOR ppl to show me the ropes again since I've been out for a bit. Looking for a bit of a milsim squad(co-op)and must be organized.But no screaming things like "yes sir no sir" that's just frigging wired. no offense to Weird people tho lol
    I like getting tips on anything that's useful. I'm helpful, mature and a joker.

    PM me if you got questions.

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    Name: Elliot
    Soldier name: PsychoPigeon
    Age: 25
    Language: English
    Games: Operation Arrowhead
    Timezone: UK
    Location: Brighton
    Mic: Yes
    Experience: Played ArmA on and off since the first release, no unit experience other than working towards objectives with friends
    Roles preferred: Infantry, I'm comfortable with any role that needs filled and will adapt.

    Looking for a squad that does regular events, or just a group of people who like to spend a few hours doing the campaign against the AI.

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    Name: James
    Soldier name: James Gratt
    Age: 31
    Language: English
    Games: Operation Arrowhead
    Timezone: UK
    Location: North London
    Mic: Yes
    Experience: Played OFP > Arma2 upgraded comp so now everything is max.
    Roles preferred: Anything you would like me to do.

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    Name: James
    Soldier name: James Gratt
    Age: 31
    Language: English
    Games: Operation Arrowhead
    Timezone: UK
    Location: London
    Mic: Yes
    Experience: Played OFP > Arma2 upgraded comp so now im back and rdy
    Roles preferred: Anything

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    Name: Ryan (Nickname: Rye).
    Soldier name: Ryan.
    Age: 20.
    Language: English-Australian.
    Games: Arma 2 Combined Operations (A2+OA).
    Timezone: Australian Eastern Daylight Savings.
    Location: Sydney, Australia.
    Mic: Headset, G35.
    Experience: 1000+ (Around 3 and a half years). Ex-AAF Clan Leader and Lead Recruit Instructor, played with communities such as TG, F2F, UO.
    Roles preferred: Any except pilot!

    I have Teamspeak 3. I have skype. I have many mods including ACE, ACRE (All up to date).
    I have no problems with downloading more.

    I am looking for a mature and tactically conscious community.
    I am looking for a community that want to constantly improve.
    I'd love to work with a community who share the same interests and concepts as I.

    I'd love it if those who have that to offer could PM me.

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    Post Application

    Arma 2 Soldier for Hire.

    Who i am:
    Recently began using the simulator, and i have decided to officially enlist into a squad.
    I am searching for a large active team base devoted to mature and hardcore warfare.
    I am 21 years of age, capable of learning fast, able to follow directions, and has access to Mic communication.

    My Skills
    after 2 days in learning the simulator, the following positions are most compatible to me:

    -Recon/Short range marksmanship support.

    Special Ops
    -Secretive recon, Stealth Operations if provided with proper equipment, Para Drop.

    Long Range Marksmanship (sniper support)
    -Able to perform without spotter.(but highly recommended) can calculate bullet drop and "Distance From target to Cross point" ratio.

    Heavy Machine gunner Support for QC Infantry operations and Assault.

    My Experience

    I cannot calculate a proper score because i have yet find a room with many players and large warfare.
    Up until now i have made 3 confirmed online kills.
    2 with Support machine gun, and one long distance sniper kill. (150ish meters)

    I have immersed much play time via single player scenarios,
    therefor i can calculate my play ability's according to how the simulator feels to me,
    but i have no accurate description for live online play.

    Game Control

    I can perform basic mobile moves.
    -Cycling through Text commands and vehicle options
    -Switching weapons
    any control's i have left out ido not know or have not comfortably mastered.

    Last words
    I am still green and am willing to do personal training.
    I posted because i could not find a specific squad Suitable for me, so i am hoping this post will be allowed,
    wile in the mean time I continue to search for a respective squad of my liking's.

    I Only have Arma2 Free, I plan on purchasing AO and all installments asap.
    I Currently Tour around the US and do not have official long term plans for when i will be able to play,
    however i know i will be available the next two weeks from 10AM-10PM central.

    Due to personal reasons i cannot provide monthly upkeep support.
    (but perhaps a small One time payment)
    For long term commitment squads:
    By October, i will be permanently situated back in my home state,
    and will have access to High speed internet, and gametime on a regular basis.

    I am willing to work with a large team and community to create Digital graphics for websites, banners, ect.
    I do not ask for donations, it is a personal hobby/favor of mine that is worth wile as long as i am involved in a large active community.

    Computer Specs

    Processor 2.2 GHz Intel Core i7
    Memory 8 GB 1333 MHz DDR3
    Graphics Intel HD Graphics 3000 512 MB
    Software Mac OS X Lion 10.7.3 (11D50b)
    Boot Camp Windows 7 64bit

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    Private First Class washout77's Avatar
    Join Date
    Aug 22 2009
    OPSEC (*cough* Philly *cough*)
    Name: Jim Burkhalter (nickname: Washout)
    Soldier name: Zephyr
    Age: 15 (don't exclude until you know me, I am not..."normal" for my age...I learn fast, learn well, and absorb information quickly. I am considered "gifted" and very intelligent/mature)
    Language: English (United States)
    Games: Arma 2 CO (lacking BAF and PMC)
    Timezone: United States Eastern
    Location: Philadelphia
    Mic: Headset, just broke but will be replaced in the next week
    Experience: Played every game since OFP until my fingers bled from keystrokes haha, but I have A LOT of experience in the game itself (so most skills I already have, but I always LOVE the ability to get better so any training courses I would gladly take) but I lack experience online with humans so that is what I hope to achieve here
    Roles: I can do anything but fly a plane or helicopter. Sniper roles can be done, but I have troubles with the ACE sighting...

    I have just about every mod, and can get anything requested. I also can get any sort of communication program depending on what you require (Teamspeak, etc.)

    I am currently looking for people who are tactically sound and take the game seriously. I also wish to have a community of players who are willing to at least try out a 15 year old kid on the East Coast of the United States (at least give me a shot, I have more tactical, strategical, and logical sense then most adults I know. I am a "gifted" child, so I am way ahead of my age and are thus very mature. You can't lose, might as well allow me to try-out) and give him some experience on the multiplayer PVP/CO-OP game with people who are open, friendly, and serious.

    My computer specs I am not sure about to be honest, but I can run the game cleanly on High with maxed settings in most single-player scenarios so I don't see any issues with online.

    I have no time limitations at this moment outside school. I get off school (Monday-Friday) at 4:00, and can be open at 4:30 most days. I can't commit to long-term payments depending on cost should your team require that.

    I am a very friendly person, and am openly willing to do "interviews" and applications. If you feel like you would like to help me out a bit, shoot me a PM and we can talk and sort out any questions. Thanks so much!
    Do know harm. Do no harm.
    Looking for stuff to do, don't be shy! Introduce yourself

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    Looking for unit


    Has:Arma CO ACE2 and ACRE


    Location:US, Texas

    Looking for:RPG, Milsim unit preferably Army. I would prefer a standard Army unit over a special forces/Socom unit.

    Wants to do:Infantry


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    Three man unit looking for squad.



    We are a small group of players, who up to this point have mainly played Planetside, sweet game that it is. We've thrashed out mini scenarios in the editor. and would like to join a large scale, competent group to have some fun in ARMA II and OA, we reckon we've got skills to pay the bills, and are ready to learn any more for the further payment of larger, more exciting bills.

    Vehicular work is of particular interest, as three seems a good number for several vehicles, but Infantry would be good too. We obviously will want to stick together in whatever role you have for us. Any mods required are no issue, neither are whatever voice comms you use.

    Thanks, and hope to hear from some good squads soon.


    Edit: I realise the description is a little vague, we play in standard US TZs, EST and Pacific. The other two being Americans and myself English. We would be especially interested in being a dedicated tank crew -or- as a dedicated Blackhawk or equivalent crew. Happy to undertake all infantry training as required and serve as groundpounders in a pinch. Thanks again.
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    Feb 10 2010
    Name: Sondre B.
    Soldier name: Dave
    Age: 18
    Language: English/Norwegian
    Games: All ARMA 2 and DLCs
    Timezone: GMT + 1/2
    Location: Northern Norway
    Mic: Yes
    Experience: Been playing ArmA 2 for almost three years now. I was with a medium sized unit for about 7 or 8 months before it got shut down, but other than that I've been making my own missions for me and some friends, or just playing casually on random servers.
    Roles preferred: Helicopter Pilot (preferably the AH-6 / MH-6), but I can fly most helicopters / Co-Pilot, Crewman, AT Soldier, Medic/Corpsman, Sniper / Spotter. Pretty much anything, really

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