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Thread: Player looking for squad (not for squads to post looking for players!)

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    Player looking for squad (not for squads to post looking for players!)

    Please everyone use this thread if interested in joining a squad instead creating a separate thread for each search.

    Conditions to post here:

    - Only players post here who are looking for a squad - no one else!

    - No "check us out at xxx" or "take a look at xxx" posts!

    - No "PM sent" or "email sent" posts!

    Again this thread is only for people looking for a squad, not for squads posting their "hey check us out" stuff. If you want to invite someone, send him a PM or email.

    All posts from squads will be removed, and in case of blatant advertising the respective person will be banned from the thread - Problem solved in the future.
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    Pilot Looking For a Clan/Squad

    I've been playing for about a week and a half and consider myself a very good pilot im looking to join any clan/squad that is in need of a pilot my speciality is the a-10 but i can fly anything else. Also I fly with the RKSL Countermeasures add on so if you support that thats a big plus. my xfire is bob1112003 or i can be found the this ventrillo server most of the time vent78.light-speed.com Port: 5091

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bob117 View Post
    I've been playing for about a week and a half and consider myself a very good pilot im looking to join any clan/squad that is in need of a pilot my speciality is the a-10 but i can fly anything else. Also I fly with the RKSL Countermeasures add on so if you support that thats a big plus.
    I guess that no Tunguska scenarios would also be a great plus. lol

    There is people that has been flying for years here and do not consider themselves so good

    Good luck in your flying career.

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    flyboy looking for squad

    Hey guys, new to arma, but not to shooters or flight simulators, got tired of the high paced action of running and gunning in cod and wanted something more "sim" so i came to arma, I'd perfer to be a pilot in a helo, but will also fly anything you tell me to. I have no issues at all flying on the deck to keep from "radar" and to keep the element of surprise from the enemy. I also have no problems landing in a hotzone, will put aircraft where it needs to be.



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    Looking for a clan/sqad

    Hi everyone

    Well I have played OPF and the Arma series from the beginning, and I´m now looking for a sqad or clan.
    I´m a Teambased Player, experienced in MOUT and Sniper tactics. I´m also a really good chopper Pilot (I was the first guy to flight people to Elektrozavodsk Harbour in Xenos Air-Cav and get out there alive ;-) )
    Maybe someone remembers me
    As you can see I´m also very creative in finding new tactics
    I would prefer beeing in a squad that loves to play with mods, like for example JTD, as I do.
    My XFire Name is tonci87
    Looking foward to hear from you
    Master of testing for a better Arma and well, for science.
    Teach the AI how to drive. Teach AI Tank drivers to turn their front towards the enemy. Give us supression effects for AI . Make AI ragdoll if they get hit. Give us proper animations for throwing Frags. Give us a proper wounding system. Fix the armored vests so that they don´t protect the whole torso. More Civilian assets. Females. Weapon resting. Give us inertia influenced movement depending on the Weapon you have.

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    Hello out there
    i've played Arma 2 now since early august, what i love is teamplay. i enjoy domination/evo, but i prefer more squad-based type stuff
    oh, i more or less only play co-op missions
    i'm a pretty good helo pilot, i'm best at flying the MH-60S, if you ask me the huey can't handle a little fire, but anyway, i can fly jets decently... i just can't land without VTOL
    i'm also pretty handy with a SMAW too
    i'm looking for a squad that is tactical and has members in GMT -5, which is my TZ. if you have the kind of requirements where i have to go to some kind of training or anything of the like once a week, then i am not for you, i DO have a life you know :P

    also... i do enjoy gunning an M1

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    I've been playing since OFP was released back in the day. I haven't played much online, but that's why I'm here. I am looking to join an ARMA2 division. I am a fairly good chopper pilot but prefer ground work. I'm NOT a good sniper. This computer wouldn't let me anyway. I'd prefer to join a group that works as a team. I love messing with mods but would prefer to keep them as realistic as possible. As long as it's teamwork play, I don't so much care what kind of mission it is. Training missions are just as fun if done with teamwork in mind. I also carry with me some other skills that might be useful, including but not limited to graphic design (for your squad insignia - such as my avatar logo) and infantry tactics which I've studied for a few years now (namely WW2 squad / fireteam tactics).

    The main reason I have not joined a squad as of yet is that I can't be there as often as I would like, but I will try.

    I prefer to use teamspeak for chat and MSN for out of game contact. Feel free to pm me if you are interested. Just make sure to let me know the date and times you play. Just keep in mind that I'm on GMT -7 hours.

    Tog of [no group listed]
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    Looking for a fun but serious squad who enjoys realism and teams alot.

    I am looking for a squad that teams alot, uses real tactics, but doesn't make you feel like joining their squad is a chore(read must be the perfect soldier to join). Ranks are great but let's remember this is a game, but a serious game that demands respect and following orders. Having said that, I love following someone who knows what they are doing but also helping those who need a leg up. Using real tactics/techniques is great. Basically, I want to feel part of a team, not Rambo who can do whatever he wants. Give me a goal, and I'll do my best to complete the objective.

    1 last thing, though not required, I think microphone use add tremendously to the "soldier" atmosphere and also allows for much quicker commands without the need to waste time typing.
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    I am fairly new to Arma and Arma2. But enjoy playing. I am an American living in Germany and would prefer to play in a european time zone. I am not good at staying up late. I was an Infantryman in the US Army for 8 years. I went to Iraq twice and know small unit tatics with a stronger knowledge of heavy weapons tactics as I was a weapons team and squad leader. Please let me know if you might be able to accomodate a player like me in your team. I have a microphone and all that noise and am really excited to jump into some good co-op missions. Thanks for any reply I receive.

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    Pilot/driver-of-any-vehicle lookin for clan or squad

    hi im grunt,

    im looking for a squad or clan or group that that likes to play on weekends, and weeksdays, pretty much any time. I get on ALOT, and im very excited to join a group of people that like to do anything. i dont want to join a serious clan. im looing for a clan that wants to have fun, can be serious when it's nesasary, and a clan that will play any editor game, even borderguard....lulz
    anyone that would like to take ol grunty on the clan ride i am more than willing to join anyone and i mean ANYONE that just wants to have fun.

    Sincerly, the grunty grunt from gruntington

    P.S. late at night i get crazy and do stupid stuff, jsut a warning....jk

    P.s.s i like pie

    P.s.s.s RPing is fun to but not all the time.
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