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Thread: [Alpha] RTE for ArmA II

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    [Alpha] RTE for ArmA II

    I finally managed to port the RTE to ArmA II:

    What's the RTE?

    The RTE is 'another' 3D editor. You can:

    • Build missions and save them
    • 3d editor to place objects in easily in the world
    • Multiplayer editor: allows multiple people at the same time work on a mission
    • Game master mode: one or more guys have the ability to modify a running mission the fly depending how the rest of them plays the mission ;)

    Example images from ArmA II:

    Videos about the RTE for Armed Assaut:

    What's new in this version?

    This version supports ArmA II. E.G. the new factions are now supported. And selfmade mission can get exported/saved.


    The setup will install RTE Capture which installs RTE for Armed Assault and ArmA II.

    A note for mirrors:
    Don't mirror this file. The link on my page will contain the latest installer and may change from time to time. If you're interested to mirror some parts of the RTE, please write me a PM.

    RTE Capture?

    It's a helper which is required for the features of the RTE.
    A manual can be found here:
    RTE Capture Manual

    Manual? Also for the RTE?

    RTE v4.3 Manual
    It's not up to date, but should contain everything important.

    Why an alpha?

    This version doesn't support all features of ArmA II, e.g. 'object composition' is not supported yet.
    In short: There will be features added => Alpha.

    Also this version has some small issues but those affect the usibilty only a little.
    And those have priority on my bug list and should be fixed soon.

    There is another advantage of this status: It's WiP, therefore feedback and whishes are welcomed and should be placed in my bug tracker:

    Still more text?

    *ehm*, sure:
    Used scripts:

    Requires CBA


    :p already wrote about this.

    The setup will install RTE Capture which installs RTE for Armed Assault and ArmA II.
    #include "signatur.h"
    "I'm not slacking of. My addon is 'pboing'!"

    Blog about the RTE | Pastebin with SQF support

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    Example images from Armed Assault:

    Beautiful and complex scenery made by RTE is a child's play!
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    Maintained/assisted projects: IFA3, Blitzkrieg

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    New features in RTEV:

    Editing of unit's weapon:

    Some for vehicles weapon cargo:

    Loadouts also can get saved to easy switch between them:

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    Awesome work
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    awesome work as usual i0n0s!

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    YESSSssssss! I've been waiting for this for awhile, now we have it--woohoo! <dances>

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    Good work. Can I suggest adding buttons that use setaperture so you can just set the aperture to one that suits the time of day you're using for your mission and then edit like that (to avoid the flickering that's a product of the fast camera movement typical in editing and can be seen in that vid).

    Just an idea.

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    If I place a group down, the editor seems to lag up.. only the editor nothing else. Also, when I try and give a soldier a custom layout with this, I can't seem to give him any weapons.. I might be using it wrong but thought I'd say anyway.

    Outstanding work.

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    You're right with the weapon dialogue. Seems to be broken.

    About the groups:
    The lag occurs since you've selected a lot of units. If you unselect them, it will be fast again.

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    Superb work ionos. Just love RTE !

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