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Thread: SLX effects don't work for some units

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    SLX effects don't work for some units

    I am using SLX effects mod and playing the dynamic afghanistan delta force campaign. The campaign uses LSR's delta/rangers units and US weapons pack as well as generic middle eastern rebels. The problem is that neither of these units seems to have slx effects - there is no dust cloud that comes up when firing into the ground, etc. I tested it in the editor and I've found that the other units I have, including JAM units display the slx effects, but these don't.

    Is there any way I can get the SLX bullet impact and other effects to work with these units?

    If not, is there another mod with similar bullet impact effects that will work with these units?

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    i think they may not work as you are using units which use JAM. SLX only alters the content of normal OFP as i remember.

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    The effects work for some of the JAM units but not the LASER ones of the Generic ME rebels, so I don't think it's an issue with JAM. Additionally, I tried using a config for SLX which was JAM compatible but it's the same problem.

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