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Thread: Simple ArmA 2 Terrain Tutorial

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    Simple ArmA 2 Terrain Tutorial

    What the tutorial will deal with:

    * Setup Editing Tools 2
    * Preparing the Working folder
    * Setup Visitor & The Landscape
    * Binarizing your world properly.
    * Adding Objects
    * Add more Surfaces
    * Base sample map for understanding


    PS: Plz only serious Q&A inhere. pm@snake
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    SgtAce *thumbs up*!
    You've been a great help (I've managed to fix Panthera v2.0 clutter & configs for A2) and its absolutely amazing to see that community helps out "noobs" in editing and not BIS itself...
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    SgtAce are you the P85 TEAM person in BIS Wiki?
    PMC Editing Wiki opened for ArmA 3 information, guides, tutorials, etc!

    PMC Tactical - Operation Flashpoint, Armed Assault and ArmA 2 addons / mods / missions.
    PMC Editing Wiki for tutorials.

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    I have a problem. When I want to pack the addon file I get this error message:

    My P:/ca folder looks like this:

    (I have an arma1 folder in which contains old files from other tutorials)

    The copy_cpp.bat created me a folder thats includes arma1 in the path: P:\TUT\ca\arma1\SampleMap\config.cpp. Wheres I have all files of the project in the TUT\TUT_samplemap folder.

    So I have 2 config.cpp one with 2 kb one with 12 kb.
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    Thx SgtAce, great stuff that tutorial, Island making have become a little easier

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    Great work SgtAce, this will help a lot of people in the future.
    - Prowler
    PLR| Visitor┬│ ->

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    I have follow the Tutorial, but I the following error "Cannot load material file tut\tut_samplemap\data\layers\p_000_000_l00.rvmat. "

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    Check the final pbo if the stuff is really in there (you can also check the BIN Temp foldier), otherwise you missed something.

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    Did you select text mode for saving the rvmat's as mentioned when importing the satellite & mask?

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    if importing a greyscale .png, make sure it is set to 16 bit and greyscale in the png options (for instance, in Photoshop cs2, the "mode" option at the top should be set to greyscale and 16 bit). Else, your imported terrain will be pinched vertically in visitor (i.e. a 2048x2048 texture will show as 2048x1024 and will be 'stretched')

    8 bit rgb color for both the satellite mask and terrain type mask.

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