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Thread: 58932 showing as 58627?

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    58932 showing as 58627?

    I just installed the latest beta patch and it shows up in the main menu screen as 58627? Any idea why?

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    Sure you enabled the beta ?

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    Click here

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    open the latest beta below you will see uninstall arma beta .Do did after it is deleted go to the install beta 58932 and it will install it.
    Simple uninstall the old one and then install the new on

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    Just delete the beta folder.

    Then reinstall.

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    Or make sure you are using the shortcut for the beta that is created in the main A2 directory. The target line is different, it includes the "beta folder" path.


    Yup. You must be using the shortcut for the last BIS patch before the betas started. I just tried that shortcut to check and mysteriously the main menu said "v1.03.58627".

    Make sure you go into your main A2 directory and move the "Launch Arma2 Beta Patch" shortcut to your desktop. Use this for the beta builds.
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    That fixed it thanks, strange cos it seemed to have the exact same target. I'll just copy the shortcut over from now on tho.

    Thanks again.

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