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Thread: Where to put the server *.bikey files for addons?

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    Where to put the server *.bikey files for addons?

    Can someone tell me where to place server keys for addons? I see there is a keys folder in the ARMA 2 folder but some of my addons have created their own keys folder while others do not create a keys folder but just place all files together in a compressed file (rar, 7s zip etc). Most of my addons are placed in a folder beginning with @ in the ARMA 2 folder.

    So does it matter where I place the server keys? Can I create a keys folder as a sub folder of those addons that require/supply them and place it in there OR should they be put in G:\ARMA 2\keys\*.bikey
    I prefer the idea of having them all in a sub folder of the respective addon e.g.
    G:\ArmA 2\@Desert Mercs & BlackOps\keys\SchnapsdroSel.bikey
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    All keys should be placed inside the Arma2/keys folder. If an archive contains a folder in which the key is placed just move it to that default key folder.

    However, as a client you do not need those keys. Only servers need to add the keys of those addons they allow to be used on their server when using the "verifySignatures" command in their server config.
    So, if you have no intention to host your own server don't bother with those keys
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    ok i have now in my server main directory the @maps for addons.
    in the server.cfg i have

    but if i goes to the multyplayer lobby. i look at my server i dont see on the expansion line @my folders. only the baf and pmc etc.. how is that possible?

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    what must i do.

    i have a own server but i dont have for some addons or island a public key. is it possible to get that island or addon putt on the server without addons public key?

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    Please note that the key folders are different if you are running ARROWHEAD or CO.

    ARMA 2 ONLY = Arma 2 Directory\keys

    ARMA 2 + OA or OA only = Arma 2 Directory\Expansion\Keys

    Also, if the mods are not showing up on your server, then you are most likely not running the mod folders correctly, make sure the folder structure is Arma 2 Directory\@MyAddon\Addons\URPBOFILESHERE
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    ok thank you. but is there a way to start a addon on a server without a key?

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    If you have your addons installed correctly and you test them on the server and they show up then I wouldn't
    worry about bit if it dont work then maybe contact the addon maker of the addon you have that you want or
    need a key for and see if he can make a key for you.
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    Sorry to resurrect the topic, but I've got a MP newbie question.

    If I want to join a server that's signed for JSRS (for example), do I have to put the JSRS .bikey in the Arma 2 OA>Keys folder, or is having all the .pbos and .bisigns enough?

    As it stands, I have a bunch of .bikeys in the main Keys folder, some of them outdated. Should I clear it out?

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    A client (which you are since you want to join a server) does only need the actual addons and the bisign files.
    Keys are only needed to be added to the server. You can of course just add the keys anyway, it makes no difference.

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    Keys go on the server. bisigns go on the client.
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