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Thread: How to rearm team?

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    How to rearm team?

    Maybe I'm being thick here but...

    I'm on the Badlands part of the campaign. My team is just myself and the other 3 members of Razor.

    Team member 2 (Sykes?) has the DMR equipped and is low on ammo. Because I cannot rearm him with DMR ammo at the NAPA camp, I want to equip him with a different weapon. How do I do it?

    If I select F2 then option 6 there is an option to "buy weapons", When I click that, the message says "2, buy weapons at that Grenadier" (me)...

    I'm lost here

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    Unhappy and another thing about rearming.....

    Have the same problem here. Not fun. Or any use. In fact, it's broken.

    (Strong words I know...but it's only an opinion)

    Getting weapons via the "buy weapons" menu is broken too. It takes several minutes to refresh and dosn't recognise any clicks to add or drop kit.

    Getting units via the "buy units" menu is also useless. It takes several minutes to update from a blank inventory. It also ignores clicks (90%) to buy units.

    Like I said. It's broken.

    I have fond memories of wondering around doing missions for HQ....switching between Razor team members....rearming....driving lots of vehicles....trying out different tactics.... *sigh*

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    Can't you buy the weapon, drop it on the ground and use the menu to order him to pick it up?

    Edit: Haven't played the campaign, is that a Warfare style mission?
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    I can't buy weapons / ammo, even with sitting staring at the "gear" screen for 5 minutes. The game also decides to throw my rpg launcher away for me at random moments (most of the time). Which is annoying.

    Yea, stilpu, it's in the campaign when your green allies are spreading out across the map and you are left to your own devices. Your allies have no problem capturing towns all over the place. Unlike my team who attract APCs to them like flies to em em my team.

    Bought 2 t72s and a bmp as a workaround.

    Tempted to get a camp fire going, sit down (get out my guitar) and wait for the war to end.

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    A (very partial) work-around....

    Go to HQ. Order a unit with the kit you want. Shoot him in the face. Steal his kit.

    This will need a bit of suck-and-see but for starters, the Scout has NVGs and a rather pretty silenced Kalashnikov.

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    Right... So I decided as well to continue my SP campaign and all of my team Razor (excluding myself) is outta ammo.

    You would think that with the latest greatest beta patch the SP campaign would be sorted out.

    So, I am not quite sure as to how to rearm my guys???

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    select the member you want, order him to buy weapons, he will come to you and throw his kit window up, simply hit rearm....or i'm sure thats how it goes.

    i'm going ingame now i'll double check.

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    Look, my heavy machine gunner ran out after Spoiler:
    . I just found a chedaki with a PK and asked him to pick it up, problem solved.
    Don't mention the war..... I mentioned it once, but I think I got away with it all right...
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    really tho we should have a supply guy, 2 heal man. 3 rearm 4.

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    Here a though. Script the KC-130 to drop you supplies. Are the MH-60S to drop supplies at an LZ. But I know. That like too right using the aircraft like they suppose to be used.

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