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Thread: Cold War Rearmed² Discussion

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    Quote Originally Posted by i_am_nikkiray View Post
    hello!My first post in forym)

    I download demo # 3 today. Thank you for great modification!
    I have nostalgia for 200* years!!

    i found bug in su-25:



    and Easter Eggs:


    merry christmas theme))

    Qustion: what release mod full??)))
    i think mod in finishing line))
    Nice repro shots. Thanks for the report! If you could do us a solid and make a bug on our cbt (in my sig), we would be quite grateful.

    SigintArma is quite correct. We still have some things to develop from the ground up, and how long that takes depends on several factors that can't really be predicted. We have done quite a lot, though!

    You can discuss our latest release here.

    My inbox is fill and won't be emptied. If your PM is regarding requests to use my work, unfortunately I choose not to grant such permission. My work is for use with CWR2 only.

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    It's been a very long time since last update, and alot of anticipation from my side. Any news on how far development has gone?

    Is it possible to wish that it will be released before ARMAIII?

    Oh, and I forgot to mention: I love you guys Sorry for nagging.

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    Maybe it will be released before ArmA3, maybe not.

    After all, even with ArmA3 released you still can play ArmA2. It's not that it is unplayable then.

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    Quote Originally Posted by W0lle View Post
    Maybe it will be released before ArmA3, maybe not.

    After all, even with ArmA3 released you still can play ArmA2. It's not that it is unplayable then.
    Of course not W0lle!

    There is nothing thats going to get in my way of playing CWR2

    All I wanted was a status update, If I am not 100% uncorrect, it's been quite a while since the first post have been updated. Just curious, that's all.

    If there was a way for me to help you guys out, I would gladly do it, but the only "advanced" stuff I do in Arma is scripting, and I am very, very new to the scene. What I will do, however, is to do whatever I can to advertice the mod for you guys when it has been released. That much I promise you!

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    I guess you can sort of divine our progress from our latest release. In terms of actual percentages, that task is a bit laborious and vague in itself. I think much of the progress since the demo has been in the missions and configs area.

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    Some little media courtesy of Parvus.

    Percentage of progress is actually indeed relative. A model might be 99% done but that 1% requires some action from a person who either disappeared or has only very limited time. So that 1% to completion can take months.

    As you can see from the progress list, there's a lot of civilian stuff that needs to be improved. Mainly texture and modelling work. And with Max currently being the only skilled modeller/texturer we only can make very small steps.

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    That is

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    I am very happy to get a response, and I really, really don't want to come off as ungreatfull. The reason for this is simple, my anticipation for this mod easily exceeds any game or any release for years in the future. What you are doing is, from my point of view, among the best work done in the industry.

    Your products exeeds 90% of what the marked has to offer quality wize. I wish the whole industry was more like you guys.

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    @W0lle will we see the Mini? Im only asking as i own a classic Mini and would love to see one in game

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    If you have some time and the right mood you may improve those Trabants eg getting the right Trabant engine sound, tyres should be full black and limit those tyres with white liner + wheel cap to special VIP variant. If you have still fun with those vehicles you could make a Rally variant (incl. nametags on doors/windows) or a supertuned Bro-version Just some ideas before you get bored with usual stuff and whip cracking...

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