The engine sound for the trabant is the closest thing I could really get. The idle sound uses a sample of a trabant idling and the driving sound is the sound of a 2 stroke engine from A2. It seemed fairly close to the videos I have seen. If someone wishes to donate better sounds, I would not turn them down.

I don't think the textures will change, though. I've spent too much on that piece of sh*t as it is. Besides, I like the white-walls with the babymoon hubcaps.

I think if you look closely, the tyres are actually bridgestone tyres ^_^. I guess the people of those islands have commercial access to all season radial tyres to help with their island climate.

edit: I actually don't remember if I changed the sounds and the anims of the passengers and stuff like that before or after demo 3. Does the trabant sound like a motorbike when you're driving, or does it sound like a really ill-fitting loop of a trabant idling?