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Thread: MH-53E addon released

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    MH-53E addon released

    hi all
    I released MH53E "sea dragon".

    Updated version 1.2

    version 1.2
    - Using Environment Map Texture from ARMA2
    - Changed classname/VehicleClass
    - Changed geometryLOD "heavier"
    - Fixed main rotor position more correctly
    - Changed main rotor width & form
    - Added RotorLowIn/HighIn sound by Miles Teg
    - Added icon / map icon
    - Reduced cargo seats's polycount

    version 1.1
    - Fixed main rotor position
    - New texture and smdi texture(include detail texture definition)
    - Some sounds added by Sgt.Elias / Yag
    - Gear down/up automatically(deleted action menu)
    - Fixed shadow lod


    how to fold rotor wing:
    [this] exec "\gac_USMC_MH53E\script\MH53fold.sqs"

    how to spread rotor wing:
    [this] exec "\gac_USMC_MH53E\script\MH53spread.sqs" or engine "on" or choose action "spread rotor-blade"

    how to open ramp:
    this animate ["door_cargo", 0.3];this animate ["door_cargo2",1];

    how to close ramp:
    this animate ["door_cargo", 0];this animate ["door_cargo2",0];
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gachopin View Post
    hi all
    I released MH53E "sea dragon"

    AWESOME, just frickin AWESOME, thx mate

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    Great work, I love the moving parts like the cargo door and landing gear, also the super detailed cockpit. I noticed one bug though, if you have soldiers inside and you choose All > Stop they jump out and sometimes get injured. It doesn't seem to happen if you choose All > Disembark.

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    Hmm certainly getout when choosing ALL>stop , crew team getout.
    I think this is ARMA2 bug. BIS UH60 happens same thing too.
    When getout, crew injuring is not happen at my PC.

    Btw, I think my UH53E skin is too shiny.
    So I think I'll reskin more dirty for next release

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    Definitely too shiny, but still great to see this heli ingame!
    Being underground is too mainstream.

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    Ok, I got a chance to try it out in the editor, and as an enemy AA soldier, I shoot it down, but there is no explosion effect, no matter what height it falls from.
    -At the same time, if it is at the start off height, just the "flying" setting under formation....the pilot never puts the gears down when I've shot it, and the rotors are still turning. I'll try to play around with this some more though.
    -Next, for example, i just started climbing up with no foward speed, the altimeter in the box in the upper left hand side (the one that shows fuel, armor, etc.) never changes from 0. But...if you start moving foward, it will respond accordingly. Also happens when you land, then take off again at 0 foward velocity.
    -I can get you some pics, especially one where when you run inside the cargo section, you can see where sunlight passes through (areas where it would obviously not be seen)
    I love the work though, hope this helps out. This is not complaining by any means, and I'm open to the fact this could be all on my end.
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    Thanks Raptor6.
    At present, I dont' know why happen such bugs(although I can fix gear function),But I'll bug fix for next release

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    Gachopin very nice MH53E
    Btw, I think my UH53E skin is too shiny.
    So I think I'll reskin more dirty for next release
    Skin is ok , you can add more dirty like you said ,but that s.shader shine is too much - try to tweak it , this photos maybe help you site

    There's one place for One Snake and for One BigBoss !!!

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    wow, this is really awesome. i've been waiting for some form of 53.

    i agree with the other posters, could be less shiny. also the size of the tail makes flying in 3rd person view very awkward, idk if this can be remedied.

    what is the code for the init line to make the cargo door open on spawn?

    great job, no errors or anything for me so far

    // fragOut Studio

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    Great plane :-)
    test a as soon as iam back @ Home.

    On the screens it looks a little bit to shiney and an more grey skin like here: or marine skin like here: would be awesome

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