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Thread: Arma2 youtube tutorials

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    3 more videos added to OFPEC site

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    keep up the great work...

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    We'll it really helped me and that's just the first video. Thanks alot, this side of things needs much more work in general throughout the OFP community. Things like this cut people past loads of stuff that would sap their strength and resolve. Thanks alot for making it

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    Very cool - I had no idea that O2 could do that!
    Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori.

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    Well done Gnat!!!
    I've just found these totally by accident!
    I need to make some bits and pieces for an island I'm working on... after a coupla months of grief I've almost got a grip on Visitor now, but I opened O2 for the first time just there and thought.... no way!

    Now I may not immediately despair after all!!!

    Serious thanks for these tuts!!!


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    Then i try to take a look at my Model with the Viewer i always get the error cant load ////// blahblah.paa

    I checked the path and all files are there. What is wrong?

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    Cant load what ?
    Pilot proxy or something ?
    If so, thats a standard error

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    cant load texture /path/ tiger.paa

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    It means that oxygen cant find the texture in the path you specified.
    Check that its on the P: drive, in the path were Oxygen search for it.

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