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Thread: Arma2 youtube tutorials

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    Arma2 youtube tutorials

    Was thinking today about tutorials for modelling for Arma/2. Its still very hard for newcomers to get to grips with the tools that are released due to the fact so little documentation is giving with the tools, even with the few tutorials we do have (some of which are from ofp which is 8 years old!) they are all mostly in written format. I honestly find videos with commentry so much easier to work with, as more then often the author forgets to mention something little that could have a major effect on the outcome! Wouldnt it be great to have a channel on youtube that has basic step by step tutorials from setting up o2, modelling a basic model, uv-unwrapping, animations, even configs! It would be so useful for new and old and could boost the amount of work that comes out for arma2! Whats your thoughts ladies and gentlemen?
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    Yep. After some thought, realised its probably easier than actually writing a tut.
    ...... First of a planned dozen.

    Installing the New ArmAII Editing Tool

    Oxygen2 - Tutorial #1 - Set up of Buldozer and edit windows

    Get more of those here: OFPEC
    Linear Deform tut from SEA DEMON

    RETEXTURING - How to Create a Grey Scale
    By Aeneas2020

    Link thanks to Mr. Charles
    Creating a Static Cargo Animation Part1
    Thanks to ABS

    Creating a Static Cargo Animation Part2
    Thanks to ABS

    More info - HERE
    ArmA1 Skeleton - HERE
    This guys has some great tuts. Check his other videos.
    Use Leopotam's great plugin to go from Blender to O2

    ArmA2 Character Rigging
    by Icewindo


    Other non-video tutorials;
    Mondkalb's Addon Tutorial - BIKI
    The legendary BRSSEB OFP Addons Tutorials - Not ArmA2, but helpful

    For all other Addon Tutorial and Support needs, try;
    >> OFPEC <<
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    Fantastic stuff. Im kinda new here, but plan to do much modding for these military style sims. And this is where ill start. thanks. Good vids, easy to understand & follow.

    will you do any vt's for the terrain aspects and visitor program ?
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    Great stuff, Gnat.

    I look forward to seeing the rest, so I can learn how to make addons that *work*...

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    Indeed, we need more of these. Including Map making as well!

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    Good stuf Gnat, like i said i could provide some info on things like uv-unwrapping, normal mapping and so forth let us know via a pm if you do need any help mate. With regards to the hidden cursor in setting up of buldozer there was a this line disableMouseExclusive="1" that you entered into the buldozer.cfg it worked for arma1 but doesnt seem to work for number 2. Any info regarding this BIS?
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    i love you guys. this is just wat us rookie modders need. good work, keep it up

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    Thanks Gnat much appreciated these type of resources are very useful to hit the ground running.

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    Cheers guys.
    Get more here: OFPEC

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rhodesy77 View Post
    i love you guys. this is just wat us rookie modders need. good work, keep it up

    HaHa!! I totally agree Rhodesy. I love this whole frickin community.
    If it weren't for this whole lot of guys and gals, I wouldn't be able to learn how to mod. There are so many things that I want made for ArmA II, and feel bad asking or requesting stuff. I think I recall someone saying (or alot of people saying) that if you want something so bad, learn how to model and edit yourself.
    It's spending hours upon hours on the forums here and at other sites that helps me out.
    Thanks to everyone, especially BIS for the opportunity.
    Hopefully one of these days, I'll be posting tutorials for people.

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