View Poll Results: Do you still play Operation Flashpoint?

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  • Yes! I will never uninstall it!

    199 73.70%
  • No! I removed that game as soon as Arma came out!

    61 22.59%
  • Operation Flashpoint is for n00bs. I'm gonna stick to call of duty!

    10 3.70%
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Thread: Does anybody still play Operation Flashpoint?

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    Got Arma 3 now, I think its the closest to good oll OFP.
    But still a lot of annoying stuff.

    OFP with Arma III graphics, thats what it should be.

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    I bought a cheap original Xbox and OFPE in 2008 just to play this one game. It's the greatest game ever made, so many video games these days are all just marketing hype and fancy graphics, with no real substance. The developers of this games are obviously motivated by producing quality game play, freedom of playability and attention to detail. When I finally got a graphics card for my computer at the start of 2013, I bought 5 copies (real cheap) for my friends and family. Don't get me wrong, I want to move forward but I've heard nothing but negativity about ARMA II. I played ARMA and thought it was pretty good. I might buy ARMA I or ARMA III as soon as I've finished building my Desert Storm Campaign.

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    I live in the smallest but most corrupted state in the union.

    i havent in a long time

    well me and some old friends were just talking about how we mis thoughs days ... so im starting up a server soon linux with resistance 1.96 with all of KaRR's missions including RTS3 1.52 , i played on that server for years... anyways hope to use ofp watch (the maker also was a member of KaRR's)
    oh yeah i know this thed is old i just fugured to say somthing....

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    I've been playing it for several years and have fidgeted countless hours with the mission editor, scripting and addons before abandoning it after I got my new computer.

    I recently reinstalled the GOTY edition so if anyone is thinking of playing a Coop game then definitely count me in. I always wanted to experience OFP online with pro players. So far I've only played SP and LAN with one other friend. PM me

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    Red face Still alive and kickin @$$ =D

    Yep, with all my heart!
    I can never have enough of this game. It's just as fun to edit and make missions as it is to play.
    Thank goodness for the modders community!

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    As long as it's still fun, I'll play it
    Buy Take On Mars! Get it to the Top Sellers list on Steam!

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