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  • Yes! I will never uninstall it!

    199 73.70%
  • No! I removed that game as soon as Arma came out!

    61 22.59%
  • Operation Flashpoint is for n00bs. I'm gonna stick to call of duty!

    10 3.70%
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Thread: Does anybody still play Operation Flashpoint?

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    Does anybody still play Operation Flashpoint?

    I'm just curious to know, is anyone still playing this Gem? Sometimes i just wan't to get away from Arma 2's issues and go back to when things were amazing.

    I reinstalled it a week back, but i'm having alot of stability issues with my new PC
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    It's still sitting on my hard drive, along with something like 20-30GB of mod folders and extracted PBOs and P3Ds for tinkering with.
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    Broke my 8 years old cd of Ofp last year I keep it in its box as a souvenir beside Resistance, Red Hammer, Armed Assault, Queen's Gambit and Arma2 and more BIS' products in the future I hope.
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    Things are still amazing come visit the OFP forum:

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    Havent played in a long time but im thinking of installing it again .

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    I installed it on the PC I got for ArmA but I haven't played it in a while. I will probably keep it on for as long as I can.
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    ofp is still on my pc, I try arma, but I was disapointed, and i sold my copy, and finally I still play to ofp, the best game ever made.

    I has no pointless stuff (i mean eye candy stuff), and simply i like the atmosphere of this game: a bit of simulation and a bit of fun; the perfect mix.
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    Un-installed and deleted 46 gig of mods/addons somehwere in last April.
    I only played it once since ArmA 1 and did not like it anymore.
    So I keep only good memories
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    Err why start this in OT? There's an Operation Flashpoint forum here for a reason.....

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    I have gamed with OFP since it was first released in the U.S. I own and game with ArmA and ArmA II, although I still favor OFP. The positive attribute of OFP is that it requires teamwork and planning with well thought out missions. The team starts out together and develops the tactics from the start. Leadership is required for successful mission accomplishment. I watched the complaints about the lack if Join-In-Progress (JIP) for OFP over the years. I watch the impatient players demanding “go go go” and chuckle at the immaturity. They forget that we have waited for them. They some how think they are the center of the world and it only proves they are non-teamwork gamers. These knuckleheads are soon a flaming ember on the ground in the helicopter or plane they thought they could fly. They should be playing single player anyway so they could pat themselves on the back without interruption. The JIP may be convenient but promotes the lone wolf in search of scores only. A MilSim is about teamwork and camaraderie. Some of the missions I game with are arcade style and some are designed as actual tactical squad missions. Sure, the graphics are outdated but I enjoy the verbal interactions with other clan members as we strive towards a common goal. That may mean a sacrifice, score wise, but it is the camaraderie we enjoy. I sure don’t see that teamwork in ArmA Evolution, Damnation, and Domination missions. These missions have their place and are needed for variety but are not an end all.

    I watch with distain the gamers who are claiming that they have the best computer rig and gripe about the frame rate in the newer games. This seems to be strictly about what they can afford computer-wise and their probable misguided priorities in life. Although there are some legitimate complaints, I have been very satisfied with BIS about their support in all three games. I support them financially in purchasing the games as their financial success only leads to further development to which I know I will enjoy.

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