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Thread: FFAA MOD Spanish army

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    Yeah, I've wondered about it. I'll do the test.

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    Version 1.0 of Spanish Navy Marines

    Recent changes.
    -New 3d models and textures

    Need AddOns
    -ffaa_armas ==>


    Armaholic mirror:
    - Spanish Navy Marines

    Required addons
    - MOD FFAA weapons

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    Nice units ba2...those new models are awesome
    many thks
    With all these amazing addons being released for Arma 2 will we play Arma 3 :P:P

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    I must say the work of these spanish guys is AMAZING.I dled all their stuff...thank you a lot

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    FFAA pickup terrorist version 1.0 for ARMA2

    Version 1.00 the terrorist vehicles

    Recent changes.

    -Creation of new models

    -Integration to arma2

    Need AddOns


    Armaholic mirror:
    - FFAA pickup terrorist v1.00
    Required addons
    - FFAA terrorists
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    Niceeeee!! I like them. The Katiusca OMG :P nice hit and run vehicle.. Thanks.

    Any change to make them desert skin?

    Edit: I cant find the terrorist and terrorist vehicles anywhere, There is no FFAA on my OPFOR site, only on BLUFOR.
    Where can i find them? I instal them the same as al other FFAA mods that works fine.
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    I have to say a big thanks for the terrorist especially. helps a lot in player created missions, thanks again.
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    Anyone else getting crazy shadows and vanishing insurgents when they get 20ft away riding on a pickup?

    Putting Shadows on high fixed it. A great mod thanks, I can do Uk war with taliban now
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    Here they wont show up, i tryed disabling mercenaries mod wich also have taliban and terrorist but no luck. I even tryed diabling all my mods. only ffaa, only brilat, arma's and et running, still no luck i wanna use themmmmmmmm

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    Did you try to search in OPFOR\FFAA\terroristas ?
    @Peloton : Great mod, thank you

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