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Thread: PboDll - The ultimate BI file handling suite

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    baaaad ass! testing......


    works fantastic I dont know how I missed the modelcfgExtractor before
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    New tools for world editing

    Thanks to Mikero more outstanding tools are available.

    Convert OFP world files to ArmA / ArmA II

    OFP world editors and old school terrain fans rejoice.

    ConvertWRP makes it possible to easily convert an OFP WRP file,
    both OPRW (binarized) and 4WVR (not binarized) to an ArmA PEW.

    The pipeline is simple and very fast.

    Convert WRP back to Visitor3 editable PEW format

    It happens from time to time that people loose their source PEW
    due to hardware failure or other reasons.

    ConvertWRP allows one to easily convert an ArmA or ArmA II WPR file,
    both OPRW (binarized) and 8WVR (not binarized) to an ArmA PEW.

    Be sure to respect the copyright of BI and community made worlds.
    To release someone else's hard work you must get permission to do so!

    Create object template PEWs

    To be able to place objects in Visitor 3 one has to import and define
    objects first in a very cumbersome and tiring way. Not so any longer!

    CreatePewObjects can create easily a PEW from a source text file
    definition that contains all object definitions of your preference.

    Even more it can extract definitions from existing PEW files or remove
    all/partial definitions from a PEW file to stop buldozer defining
    the actual objects in the WRP and therefore effectively mass removing


    All tools are still in development. Your testing and feedback is
    very welcome. Please visit the PboDll project space and leave your thoughts.

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    Current active projects: None

    Maintained/assisted projects: IFA3, Blitzkrieg

    Help: Got a crash? Report it! What is the RPT log file?

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    Hey kju, I wanna help you guys out, how can I get in touch?

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    gday SA

    this is very welcome. Mikero is happy to share the source to allow other people contribute.
    We are using Skype as the main communication tool (text chat). If you have an account,
    PM me the name please.

    To clarify: ConvertWRP and CreatePewObjects are both available in the PboDll project space.
    Object and terrain data, as well as layers work. Special aspects like road networks
    and a few others may or may not. This is why testing and feedback is very welcome.
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    Thumbs up

    Convert Visitor3 editable PEW to WRP format

    To covert a PEW to 8WVR in Visitor is a tedious act.
    Especially if you need to do this many times.

    ConvertWRP is now able to easily convert an ArmA PEW file,
    to an ArmA 8WVR (not binarized) WRP in a matter of seconds.

    Linux compatible tool set in development

    Killswitch is reworking the source currently to make the dll and
    the command line tools usable in a Linux environment.
    This is great news for people with a dedicated build environment,
    as most of the time these are running on a Linux box.


    As always your testing and feedback is very welcome.
    Please visit the PboDll project space and leave your thoughts.

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    Ah - forgot about this thread.

    I figured out what was going on with my issue. I'd been using it on rather simple models (one of my own, and others by someone else) that, in retrospect, didn't have anything necessarily requiring a .cfg. No skeletons, or anything like that.

    Just tried it on something more elaborate and it worked a charm.

    Well done.

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    Hey kju-

    Quick issue with the latest Eliteness (2.60) and the latest depbo.dll (2.70) - Eliteness doesn't want to start. But, that's not what brings me here. (Edit: just tried Eliteness 2.6 with depbo 2.41 and it at least opens.)

    I have received a .p3d model that won't open in O2, and I tried a couple of the p3d tools from d-h and it just says that it is undecodable or something like that. Are there any specific diagnostic tools to help sort out what the issue may be?


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    TRexian please open a ticket here.

    There is no p3d converter/editor for a1/a2 ODOL p3d available so far.
    You need to ask the author for an editable MLOD p3d or external format.

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    Got it.

    Now, keep in mind I could be doing something wrong with Eliteness - do you REALLY want me to open a ticket?

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    Nah. Mikero needs to compile the tool again vs the latest dll.
    It is good if the messenger of bad news is not always me.

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