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Thread: Need command to run ARMA 2 in a window mode

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    Need command to run ARMA 2 in a window mode

    hello can anyone tell me how to get Arma 2 to run in a Windowed mode, I'm testing how hot my graphics card gets.

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    All Startup Parameters and How to

    Beware that you can't use crossfire in windowed mode and some cards use their 2D clock whenever you get out of fullscreen mode, which isn't even half of the power of your card.

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    I'm running in window mode but can't resize the window at all. Tried adjusting resolution to half my native and yet it still fills the screen in windowed mode (minus the task bar which is still there).

    Running in XP. Any ideas?

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    For the OP, there's a good tool (it's free) called EVGA Precision, that you can have display your GPU temps in-game, much like FRAPS displays your FPS. You can also use it to display your FPS if you want too.

    NOTE: Many games that run PunkBuster will kick for running EVGA Precision. So if you use it on other games and get kicked, then you know why.

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