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Thread: Any NooBs to Arma looking to play co-op (maybe PvP) ??

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    Quote Originally Posted by CaptainBravo View Post
    We don't use all these addons in all missions!
    A couple here and there depening on the mission and only if they enhance the mission.

    Feel free to join us this Sun as we are regrouping after a summer break.
    As long as we dont need 'ACE' *shivers* I'm interested in some games

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    WARFARE 15 vs 15 EVENT clan contest TIMEZONE CET

    We are preparing a clan war contest for end of October 29-31.10.2010.

    To get all slots filled with players, more then one clan is needed.
    Also single players are welcome.

    If you are interested, contact us by Teamspeak 3 : Port: 9987 or visit our homepage

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    We are looking to add a couple of fun laid back semi normal members to join our group. We play on Sun evenings (4-8). Please visit first page for more info.
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    Cautiously interested old git here - but I don't see any contact info on your post - is it just here and pm only?


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    Have been playing since Opflash and got ArmA2 about 2 months ago, need some mature gamers to play with in more structured scenarios - Dom/Evo maps are just too open ended for me. I'm 30 and my wife rarely let's me spend all day on the computer.

    Would also like to join a casual "squad" for more regular games, say a couple times a month for serious fun.

    My nick on steam is "zilfondel," or msg me here.
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    I hope i can join you guys
    steam id is thegame1615
    please tell me how can i play with you guys cuz im new thanks

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    Hey, Im also intrested in joining even tho im 14 ( Im not an COD kid, I love team work and have a bit of fun )

    Add me on Skype Filip3486 so you can explain to me everything what to do, Thanks!

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    Hey all,

    I'd be interested in playing with you guys. My steam name is nemesis656.

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    Sounds cool. I put an explanation to the High commands Extensions thread. Questions are welcome. How do I play this multiplayer stuff. I have half those add-ons or more?

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