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Thread: Coop 1-5 Convoy Ambush !

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    Coop 1-5 Convoy Ambush !


    I have made this public, not because it is good, but because I enjoyed making it and playing it, and maybe others will too. If you dont like it, you may give constructive criticism. I have tested it with friends and fine tuned it, and not found any bugs etc

    It features the revive script by Norrin


    (infact I built it on his template file!)

    This means when you die, you can either wait to be revived by a team mate or chose to respawn slightly behind the front lines.


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    Vopsound is required because of a config bug, no idea if it has been fixed yet.
    Extract your mission.pbo, open the mission.sqm with a text editor and search for any vop_* entries in the "Addons" and "AddonsAuto" arrays at the top of the file. Delete those, watch out for the "," if it's the last entry, pack up your mission folder again and you should be fine.

    I haven't tried the mission but uploaded it to the server, you can never have enough coops
    Thanks for releasing

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    Ok, I have updated it the link above will get the new file which can be played with or with out vop2.1

    Thanks Scruffy.

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