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Thread: Fog permantantly on, how do I change it?

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    Fog permantantly on, how do I change it?

    Ive been messing round with the editor upgrade, changing Utes a bit etc. Made an empty "mission" to run round in, everything worked fine, went to show my clan mates and its all foggy

    So I went and turned fog down, turned forcast fog down etc, re saved it, re exported it to MP and booted it up no the net. After about ten seconds of playing max fog suddenly appears all over the place, no matter what I do.

    I noticed that on the sliders for the weather effects there is a smaller lighter slider UNDER the main slider that seems to permanently have fog and forcast fog set to about mid way, I cant select it and turn it down however it just overlays the main white slider over the top and moves that!

    arrrggg wtf is going on please?

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    You need to go into your MP config files and set your server viewdistance to further than the default (1500m IIRC).

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    Thanks man Ill try it when I get home tonight

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