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Thread: Minimal crosshair

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    Minimal crosshair

    Since "no weapon cursor" is far from being realistic by removing target awarness completely, I created a more discrete crosshair as a higher compromise to realism. Not so visible and useless at long distance, the time you need to aim with it is pretty much the same to a "rough shot".

    MinimalCrosshair v1.04

    Version 1.04 - server keys added
    Version 1.03 - fixed small bug on S8Launcher noted by zGuba;
    Version 1.02 - added 2 lines cursors, changed color to white for ArmA 2, separated cursors for ArmA1 and ArmA2;
    Version 1.01 - added 4 lines cursors;

    Copy it in an existing mod folder, or create a new one and add it to the command line (ex. create "ArmA2 Folder\Minimal", start arma "arma2.exe -mod=Minimal"). It also works with ArmA 1.

    Video (watch it in HD / full screen - click "youtube" text in the right bottom corner):


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    thanx for you job)
    any pics or vids??))

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    Can you please post some pictures for those who still don't have the game?

    Thank you very much.

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    I think the crosshair is a bit too precise. I don't use it because I AM A MAN but some of my friends get carried away and piss me off.

    How about removing the vertical thing in the center and increase the space between the reticules.

    Now the cross hair looks like this:


    and it's too precise. The middle thing points exactly at the center even when you are shooting in the 100m range.
    I was thinking about something like this:

    ]____ [

    that opens up even more when you move around. That way you know where the center of the screen is (to point at crates, open doors, heal mates etc) and at the same time you cannot target anything that isn't very close.

    Of course you wouldn't have to read this if the OP had provided some screenshots!
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    It works with ArmA 1 too, so don't worry if you don't have ArmA 2 yet.

    (It takes less than 30s to download and install it, the screenshot cannot really reflect the gameplay feeling.)
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    Ok, I tried it with ArmA1 and in my opinion i prefer to using No croasshair at all.

    From both, Original BIS croasshair and this croasshair addon, the original ArmA2 cross hair is my choice.

    Its strange to see 3 small things in the screen like you have. Maybe the Crosshairs should be similar to BIS Original ones but a bit invisible as transparent.

    But i bet others might find you addon useful. Keep it up

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    I don't use any crosshairs either but I know a lot of my teamates do, i agree that the transparency is the issue whichever crosshair you choose to use.

    If someone knows of a way to reduce the transparency that would be useful.
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    Thank you afp. This is a great mod. I don't think it is too vague. With this crosshair I expect I could hit 5/10 shots at 25m on a man sized target which seems about right.

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    Thanks Frederf

    The more I play, the more I realise I just found the best solution, it doesn't helps you very much but it helps you a bit, just the way it should be.

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    So your new reticle is the 3 widespread, lt. green pips in the picture? I don't see a 4th one at the top - is there a top one? If not, I think a top pip would be good for when the bottom one is not visible (due to lack of contrast).

    I think your idea is greatly reduces the effectiveness of reticle shooting but it still tells you where your gun is pointing in case you come upon an OPFOR at very short range - which is a problem if there is no reticle.

    When I started Arma, I fell into the bad habit of always reticle-shooting because with the default Arma tracers (every bullet is a tracer), it makes shooting moving targets WAY too easy - even distant ones. I've since moved on to scope-shooting. I waste a ton of bullets on moving targets but you get better with time and I assume it's much more realistic.

    I look forward to trying this in Arma. Combine your reticle with Six Sense Tracers (one tracer out of every 5?) and everyone is forced to man up!

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