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Thread: manhattan : ok, no fun anymore

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    manhattan : ok, no fun anymore


    i´ve spent hours in this mission and can´t complete it, it appears that i´m missing an insurgent camp

    right now there is no fun here and i just want to pass to the next mission

    any key code or something to finish the mission succesfully???
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    Quote Originally Posted by a24710 View Post

    i´ve spent hours in this mission and can´t complete it, it appears that i´m missing an insurgent camp

    right now there is no fun here and i just want to pass to the next mission

    any key code or something to finish the mission succesfully???
    Two characters tell you that there are 6 sentry camps but I finished it by taking out 4 camps. There's one east of the airfield on top of the hill. Second camp west of the airfield on top of a hill in the forest. Third one west of FOB Manhatten inside the castle on top of the hill. Fourth one is just south of that castle inside the forest.

    I don't know if the camps' positions get randomized, though. Could be that they spawn at different locations each time but I've always found them at those places.

    Then there's of course also the main camp but that is not a sentry camp, so don't confuse the main camp for a sentry camp.

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    use endmission cheat mate,
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    I completed the mission finding four sentry camps and did not find evidence.
    Completed everything else.
    The girl you have to evacuate pops up in several places depending on your sequence of completing the mission.

    The four sentry posts I found were at bottom of the smaller scarlet ellipse, at top and bottom of larger ellipse and on a hill to top right of the larger ellipse. From here we sighted the HQ to the top left

    Ask if you need help.

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    Hi there,
    I actually have got a question regarding this mission. I have found the fourth camp, the one with a T-72 tank and a BMP-2. I really like the game and don't want to use cheats to complete the mission, but unfortunately i'm running out of options here.

    If i call an air strike and destroy T-72, I still have to deal with BMP-2, which kills me as soon as my LAV-25 gets hit by machinegun fire :S
    The rest of forces that are deployed with with me (i think it's another LAV-25 and a few blokes on foot) don't really do much dammage.

    Could you please help me with this one? How have you destroyed this last camp and how did you get around the tank, BMP-2, machine gun nests with just one call for artillery support?

    Thank you very much
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    i managed to finish the mission yesterday night, i found a camp far away from the red zones

    i guess i was just lucky

    anyway, i think missions like this are a little to complex. Trying to find small spots in a large landscape are not a good idea for something that it´s supposed to be funny

    just my opinion

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    I agree with A247' post that too much searching in mission reduced the fun.

    That enemy camp with the T-72 and other armoured vehicles is the enemy HQ, not one of the four sentry posts I found.
    I do not know how to call in artillery strikes or that you could so I went back to friendly Manhattan HQ and got an armored vehicle from under camouflage. I ran around in woods near enemy HQ and shot infantry that came out to chase me. Eventually one of the dead infantry was the commander. Then base seemd to become inactive, T-72 became inactive and i just ran around in enemy HQ shooting it up until all killed and destroyed. The T-72 went inactive, i did not destroy it until I destroyed all of the HQ features.
    Then I got instruction to go back to HQ

    BTW how do you call in artillery strikes?

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    for those strikes, you have to press 0 (i think) and then chose support and then artillery support or sth like that.

    From what you've told me it can be concluded that you were just lucky.

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    when you find the living female contact, is something supposed to happen after the conversation has ended, both times iv tried the level she just stands there after cooper says "exactly" with no additional radio options or actions available, have i missed something?

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    In Manhattan there is a good female I forget her name who gets killed regardless.
    When you meet the bad female and Cooper hops out of vehicle and confronts her, she is identified and captured.

    If you are in an APC she can apparently be told to get in. If you are in a HUMVEE she won't get in but will follow you to the chopper pick up point which appears as orange circle on the map.

    Kill the enemy at the sentry point in the woods to the right of the chopper pick up point before all of this or they will shoot down the chopper.

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