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Thread: MP Mission Manuals Here Please!

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    Hi all

    Added a link to the warfare commander words of wisdom thread. So it is always available from a sticky.

    Kind Regards walker

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    hi Walker

    good thread dude

    I just made a pdf Evolution Guide for

    GITS Evolution Blue here:


    GITS Evolution Red here:

    The missions are in a zip file including both pdf's here:

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    Hi all

    Added eggbeast's Evolution manuals to first post.

    Kind Regards walker
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    Hi all

    Added [KH]DaOarge's tactical guide for Xeno’s Domination game form at the request of Pauld.

    Kind Regards walker
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    DaOarge is a member from kellys heroes he took the time to write this excellent guide to domination.
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    Hi all

    Edited and spruced up the first post to include something I missed; Vanilla ArmA II!

    Kind regards walker

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    Hi all

    Edited first post to include Insurgency mission.

    Kind Regards walker

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    Quote Originally Posted by sbsmac View Post
    I've just released a CTF/DM/TDM/FF script pack with manual - see the following thread:- http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=79842
    thank you man

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    EVO RED 1.074.v

    Please help !
    I looking for the Evo Red ffa 1.074 Chernarus MPMission for myself.
    I was played on some server : tehnikpc.net Chernarus Evo Red v.1.07.4 or otstrel.ru EVO RED v.1.07w(ATK(d)) hotfix 8d

    i would like to download this mission

    thank you

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