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Thread: Auto-restart standaloneserver when hang-up

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    No. Try this set your service to automatically reset in the properties of that service. Then shut it down and it will restart on it's own. If it doesn't you didn't do something right.

    BTW, all settings for services can be found in the following Registry key (you can go in and manually set these settings):

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSe t\Services\
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    </span><table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="1"><tr><td>Quote (BigQEd @ Mar. 17 2002,18:42)</td></tr><tr><td id="QUOTE">Sure... however I know for a fact running them in the FOREGround is not as effecient as running them in the BACKGround.

    Now... if you would stop and think about what server runs the fastest with the most players maybe you would understand that maybe running OFP as a Service isn&#39;t such a bad idea. [/QUOTE]<span id='postcolor'>
    Oh man, does the phrase "blowing your own horn" mean anything to you?

    I think your concerns at the moment would be why your server has such a bad reputation in the OFP community, not how fast / how many players it can hold.

    nuff said.

    Also, running ofp as a higher than normal priority can create issues. Instead of editing the registry like a cowboy, I suggest doing what Kegetys posted.

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    LOL @ Lt_Damage

    I think maybe someone is a bit jealous ***

    It&#39;s cool man. I know where we stand. I know we have 1000&#39;s that play on our OFP servers daily. So our rep must not be to shabby

    As far as Editing the Reg... it&#39;s not to hard and it is nothing extreme or cowboyish. Runing programs as Services is the way W2K and XP Pro should be operated.

    I mean when was the last time you saw Mail, Web and FTP Servers run on the desktop? Hmmm... they are Servers and run as Services.

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    Yes.. I am very jealous................

    I thought i&#39;d show a few of the players some Fraghaus maps for some variety.. and I was almost laughed off the server... I had to promise I&#39;d remove them and never play them again.

    But this is quite beneath me, lets quit now.

    In regards to the server issue, I simply advise the user to follow Kegetys&#39;s method as
    1) It does not require any third party software running.
    2) It does not require editing the registry
    2) It works and is simple.

    Increasing the priority of a process can create issues, do this with caution.


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    Lt_Damage... what missions?? And are they up to date??

    FragHaus has some awesome newer missions... (some are meant to be funny)

    Where else can you fly Squadrons of Cessnas with 30mm Machine Guns (CTF Plane Frenzy) or be a Redneck from Deliverance (CTF Deliverance) civilians with shotguns on Tractors? heh

    We also have Serious COOP and CTF Missions. Such as Rescue Col Randolph, Ultimate Extraction, CTF Hunt, CTF AllOutWar and many more...

    Truly hard to believe people wouldn&#39;t like them since we are packed almost 24/7 and people rave about our missions. (Current Favorites are Plane Frenzy and CTF Hunt 2) They will actually play Plane Frenzy like 5 times in a row... and still beg for more.

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    Jan 24 2002


    They sound very fun, the ones we tried were AllOutWar (crashes with 1.49, working on a fix) and Jeeps (crashes with 1.49)
    And BigWar with 64players i think.. and also "High Noon" which we never played again...

    Congratulations on creating fresh mp gaming maps for the ofp community, regards,

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    ALLOUTWAR has no problem with 1.49. We switched to 1.49 on the server as soon as it was released. We play ALLOUTWAR daily... and have yet to have a crash.

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    Well im sure "my way" of doing it doesnt suit everyone. Running as service is fine too, though you cannot see the console (I&#39;d rather watch the console than a blank windows desktop). The advantage of running as a service is that you dont have to logon to the system.

    Btw. you can change the process priority from the batch file too by adding /LOW, /NORMAL, /HIGH or /REALTIME parameter to the start command. I wouldnt suggest using realtime though as it doesnt leave any cpu cycles to any other process if the server eats 100% cpu.

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    You are correct Keg...

    I am sure those that log on to their servers might like the Batch file idea. I simply prefer to run as a Service because all our Servers are in our NOC and not systems we utilize as Desktop systems.

    Yes using RealTime is a very bad... do NOT do not use RealTime. If you utilize the system for anything other than OFP I wouldn&#39;t even use HIGH... unless you are running a server with less than 10 slots. If you do you will find your system unusable.

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    hey BigQEd - exactly why is it more effecient to run them in the background?

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