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Thread: 3DE problem

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    3DE problem

    i already posted this cry for help in ArmA addon discussion but as i didnt get a reply yet and this might be a better place to post it

    now i had the idea to build myself a small map so i installed 3de (version 1.1),
    now i have put the PBO and bisign files in my addon folder (there is no other mod in it so its impossible to have bugs with other mods)
    then i copied the ArmAExt folder in my main ArmA directory, now the problem is when i try to let the run-file run ( i have edited it so it says that thing at the back you use with the modfolder method, as stated in the 3de manual ) i get a command screen with the line for opening ArmA but after a second it vanishes and nothing happens now from the manual from 3de i understood that after that ArmA should start.

    when i try to open the game with the modfolder method and try to use 3de it says that ArmAExt file cannot be found

    i really hope somebody can help me with the problem

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    Some more infos would be good:
    now i have put the PBO and bisign files in my addon folder (there is no other mod in it so its impossible to have bugs with other mods)
    Wich addon Foldier? Create a clean @3DE/addons modfoldier. Original arma addons foldier is tabu. How many files are in your arma ext foldier? Whats your actual arma version? Most antivir programms detecs run.exe as a trojan so be aware that the file is still present.
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    i have put 3DE files in an distinct modfolder, not the original ArmA addons folder.
    there are 6( cache,files,ArmAext,ArmAext.dll,run (ms-dos batchfile),run) files in my ArmAext folder and my actual version is 1.14

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    did you changed the run.bat? check it with texteditor if there is the correct modfildier. and "run.exe" is present? And you are 100% sure that no antivir blocks the exe?
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    i changed the run.bat so it says run "..\arma.exe" -nosplash -world=sara -mod=@MyAddons
    and the run.exe file is present although i cant open it because it says that i dont have permission for it, now when i was browsing through the properties of run.exe another file created, also with the name run.exe and it says it is a connection( "snelkoppeling" in dutch and i cant find the right word for it in english) to an ms-dos program but when i open it it shows an empty command screen and also nothing happens, i also tried to put the above line in the command line using the properties but that doesnt have any influence.
    and when i try to make this thing work i always turn off my antivirus because it keeps giving warnings.

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    after some thinking i have decided that i am going to make my map using a combination of real time editor and editorupdates, although i would have liked it more if i could make it with a program designed to do the job rte is a decent replacement and for personal use it will do the job.

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