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Thread: Chernarus Life vs. City Life (2?)

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    Chernarus Life vs. City Life (2?)

    ok ive been excited to ask this question
    whats the main difference between these 2 rpg missions?
    ive played the beta of chernarus life and seen some vids of city life for arma 1
    from what ive seen city life looks a little more in depth is this correct?

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    Citylife is arma 1 was significantly more in depth. Citylife was more willing to create new models and present a more realistic aspect. When i was part of it and the CLEU we went through basic police training from a person currently attending the police academy. This was mixed in with many kools features and functions. At one point this included fist fighting, fire fighting, and all sorts of kool things. Ultimately, that whole thing went a bit tits up after some in fighting. Due to sahrani/chenarus life having less addon requirement it has transfered over to arma 2 faster and with more options. Overall i haven't touched citylife for a while since things set ugly. Chenarus life currently has more functionality, but we will have to see how things work out.

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    city life = role playing like if your a cop act like one do traffic stops ect... if your a civ make money by working or selling drugs and other things, just dont let the cops catch you.

    Chenarus life is like GTA style cops vs robbers just kill everyone.. while in city life you just try to well live a city life lol people do kill in city life but you end up going to jail or dying for it and you will lose your money
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    ^ I thoroughly agree with that sentiment when talking about how it is supposed to work. However, many a game feel into this. Civs go to factory, spend 20 minutes to make 500k. Spend the rest of the day killing cops at random using cars that were at the time invincible and abusing the new life rule to new heights lol.

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    Sims 3 is that way >

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    thnx guys for the replies
    i found a small wip of CL2 on youtube
    i think im gonna side for city life seems much more controlled
    i even saw the laws listed in the map notes!!!

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    oh and can someone post some more videos of the original city life?
    starting to watch videos twice lol

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    thnx for moving didnt know how
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    is there a download for this yet? or is this a preview.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hunterman52 View Post
    is there a download for this yet? or is this a preview.
    its coming out soon

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    If you want to know more about City Life stop by the web site:

    Join the forums and ask questions. We are curently working on CityLife2 for ARMA2. It is almost all new codes, functions and scripts due to old CityLife mission being taken with out permission and edited. It will include alot of new things. If you guys want I will post links to vids showing stuff like the skateboards, saketboard park, new police cars/trucks/helos, new "civ" style weapons, tazer gun/tazer shotgun, house construction from start to end, ingame logins, new buildings, vehicles such as ambulance/spotrs cars/robinson R44 civ helo/tow truck that actualy tows/some construction vehicles, abilty to "go shoping" for food/drink/furniture, lots lots more that I know I forgot.

    I was trying to hold off on posting in bis forums till we were ready with a workable beta for ARMA2 but I guess the cat is out of the bag.

    If the demand is enough I will start a new thread or keep posting here dpending what the mods want.

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    lol cool some one did the work for us lol

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