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Thread: Increasing Arma2 FPS

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    Increasing Arma2 FPS

    Do you know what is the best way to Increase Arma2 FPS if someone has 1024gb ram for example and Geforce 9800GT?

    Do you know if someone has less than 4GB RAM and Arma2 in their computer is working well?

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    I suggest you to:

    - Download and install this Addon

    - Once installed, open it and set a minimum FPS you would like to play ArmA II to with.
    If you define '40 FPS' then you will get around 40 FPS in-game but with less details.


    - Tweak your Graphic options, I strongly recommend you to make your 3D resolution slightly lower than your 'Interface/Screen Resolution'.

    - With a 9800 GT, you can let the Anti-Aliasing on 'Normal'.

    - Set your 'Terrain' details to 'LOW', your shadows to 'HIGH', The Object details to 'LOW'

    - Feel free to let the textures on 'Normal'.

    Give it a go and let me know.
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