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Thread: Arma 2 Has Stopped Working

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    Arma 2 Has Stopped Working

    Since I don't get any fixes from my other post I figure I would start 2 threads and double my chances of getting a reply.

    After 10-20 minutes of playing with out fail my game totally crashes to desktop and it says.

    "ArmA 2 Has Stopped Working"

    That's it. Nothing else.

    I have an

    I7 920
    Vista 64
    6 Gig

    Sadly I have absolutely no life with little else to do here but continue to start threads asking for a fix to a game that I was told would run fine on my computer. A simple reply from Bohemia telling me to fuck of will be fine. A reply saying we are working on your issue and there is currently no fix will be fine also. A reply saying we are currently working on your issue is not ok.

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    I have the same rig, other than Windows 7 installed. I just wanted to say that I have the same exact, vague problem, and would like some assurance as well. I also haven't a life. Women never liked me very much, so i spend all my money on systems that cannot play Bohemia Interactive games. Ironically, Bohemia Interactive games are the only games I enjoy playing.

    Thanks, thanks a lot.

    i7 920
    evga 295
    6gb memory
    Windows 7 64bit build 7100
    Nvidia 182.50 drivers installed (tried newest ones too)

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    So I woke up this moring hoping, in fact praying, that my some miracle someone had posted some sort of solution.

    Alas, nothing, not soe much as a fuck you from anyone.

    Can we please have a seperate forum for people who can't even get the fucking game to work? A lot of the crap in this troubleshooting is stuff like, AI sees to well, my joy stick needs tweaking. Well to be honest fuck off from the TS section at least you can run the game. How about giving us guys a chance to have our posts read.

    Again, unfortunately my social life sucks and I will spend the majority of the day playing WC3 tower wars on one monitor and bumping this thread on another.

    ---------- Post added at 03:12 PM ---------- Previous post was at 01:31 PM ----------

    Shit no answers over here either. Maybe a third thread would help. At least until an admin tell me to stop. Then at least I would know they care.

    Well I shouldn't say no answers on the other thread either. I'm at least getting people trying to help but in the end it all comes down to my rig runs every other possible game out there on every possible setting with no crashes. Maybe not the best fps but no crashes. Arma 2 crashes. I guess I could say that every other game out there is fucked up and has bugs that allow them to run on my fucked up rig but for some reason I can't help but think maybe all the other games are correct and there is actually, i know this is hard to believe, something wrong with Arma 2 that causes peoples pc's to crash over and over.
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    ive started to get that "Arma2 has stopped working" crap, most of the time its when im previewing a mission in the editor... or actaully in the editor, although it only did it once.

    im on amd 9600 phenom, 8Gb ram, bfg 880gtx oc, vista home premium 64x

    [NGS] nextgensoldiers [dot] co [dot] uk

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    Did you try looking on the crash details?
    What was the faulty module?

    Also don't forget to submit the report - BIS employees said they actually do receive the data from MS.

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    Dead I have the same issues over and over as Jepaul.

    Where do I find the faulty module information?

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    Dear Toxin,

    Thank you for your $50 donation to Bohemia tech support. We will strive to use yourmoney to better the community and further our developement of Arma 3 due for release in 2012.

    Yours always,


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    So I wake up this morning after a playing a little bit last night. Did my litle nvidia upgrade and all that and


    "ARMA 2 HAS STOPPED WORKING" Well no fucking shit Arma 2 has stopped workg since i'm looking at my desk top. I also bit the dumbass up at Bohemia still haven't taken the time to even respond to my threads with a simple FUCK YOU stop flameing the forums!!!!

    Not a sinlge fucking thing. It is a damn shame that the state of PC games atm is that I really don't care to play anything else and sitting here bitching about a game I paid $50 and can't run on my PC is about as entertaining as it gets.

    Ok, time to go off and bump my other thread.

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    Maybe you should go outside for awhile. The graphics are great, and reality rarely crashes.
    [SIZE="1"]System : Q6600 2.4ghz overclocked to 3.7ghz, Dual 8800GT's SLI w/latest driver, 8GB ram @ 825mhz, 4-4-4-12-2T, Win7 64 bit Home Premium/SIZE]

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    Bohemia still haven't taken the time to even respond to my threads with a simple FUCK YOU stop flameing the forums!!!!
    Because they are adults working in a business. Your social life must really suck mate for sure. many ways to vent, but your way isnt the right way.


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