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Thread: Noob - How do you carry / drag someone?

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    Cool Noob - How do you carry / drag someone?

    Basic training says to "lift" the person, but I don't see a lift, drag or carry key anywhere.

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    Click the middle mouse button on the soldier, scroll down and middle mouse 'Drag' or 'Carry'. Same for first aid.

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    tried this

    middle mouse wheels not doing anything...

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    im not sure if vanilla have that feature, ACE2 does

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    It's in the A2 and OA tutorial, go to the wounded person, scroll down with middle mouse button. then drag or 1st aid dialog options appear on your left . click drag, and then the option to carry should appear.

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    The mission have to have the "First Aid"s modules active to drag\carry people around. And he must be heavily injured to do so.

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    Also it can be deactivated for mission purpose , for example to simulate a guy too heavily wounded to be carried and so on, same goes for healing...geez why do I know all his stuff already?

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    If middle mouse button doesn't work try [ and ] although I haven't used the menu that way in a long time so those may not be the right buttons I suppose.
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    Yes, it is the "[" and "]" keys to scroll around the menu, and "Enter" to select.

    I'm not sure why the drag keys wouldn't be working. Here are a few reasons though:
    1. The person is not heavily wounded enough. Only badly wounded players can be dragged, although lightly wounded players can be healed.
    2. You may not be close enough. If you can see the "Heal" action, though, you are close enough to drag the person.
    3. It is disabled in the mission.
    4. It is a temporary glitch. In multiplayer, I have occasionally found myself unable to drag people for no reason.
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    Sometimes the hotspot is a little tricky to get as well, and you have to sort of hover around them to get the option.

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