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Thread: arma 2 demo Error: Shadder model 2 not supported anymore

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    arma 2 demo Error: Shadder model 2 not supported anymore

    whenever i try to start the demo i get an error message
    Error: Shadder model 2 not supported anymore
    how do i fix this
    i have a Geforce 5900XT card
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    too old GPU

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    all of the above. Your graphics card is waaaaaaaaaay too old to run this game.
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    Sorry for being blunt. But that video card was an utter failure the day it came out which was about six years ago. It was the only generation where I was forced to go with ATI. I shudder to think what the rest of your system specs look like. Regardless, I'd advise you consider a serious upgrade if you're interested in playing Arma 2 with a decent frame rate in the near future.

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    In fact, upgrading for ArmA II can be quite cheap.

    I have a Q6600, 3 GB DDR2 RAM and an ATI 4850 and can run everything smoothly with all settings on high at 1600x1200.

    This system is very affordable and more than enough for ArmA II.

    Happy upgrading!


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    i guess my card is too 2005
    didnt think it would be absoulete so quickly
    how much does a card that can run this game cost on average

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    a gtx 260 216 core model is about 180$ give or take bt its gonna take alot more money than that to play arma 2 smoothly.

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    yep, you'll need a pci-e graphics capable motherboard for a start.

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